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What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living is help with daily tasks to enhance the skills that allow you to live more independently.

The services are provided to you in your home and can be in a shared and individual arrangement. Your Supported Independent Living budget will be determined by your needs


What kind of supports can I receive in my SIL home?

Afea Care Services will tailor a support plan that will equip you with the skills you need to live independently in your home. Our experienced Carers will help you with daily tasks such as:SIL-Live-in

  • Personal care
  • Transportation
  • Household chores
  • Daily skills training
  • Shopping assistance
  • Preparation of meals
  • Medication assistance 
  • Community participation
  • Additional NDIS funded services

How much does Supported Independent Living Cost?

Work-with-you-to-create-budgets-for-each-supportAfea may charge up to 50% of the Disability Support Pension for household expenses including food and utilities. Rent will be up to 25% of the Disability Support Pension in addition to any Commonwealth Rent Assistance funding. You may be required to make a reasonable contribution on top of your funding to cover household costs, based on your individual needs and usage

The daily supports are delivered as per the approved NDIS Roster of Care and are fully funded by the NDIA in line with your NDIS Plan. The approved funding amount will depend on your individual needs and goals. These will be determined by you and an Afea Accommodation Manager, who will create a Roster of Care to be submitted to the NDIA for approval


How do I get Supported Independent Living funding?


Call 1300 65 33 11 and speak to the team

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Meet and greet with each client

Meet with an Afea Accommodation Manager to discuss your needs

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Step 3 Needs

Your Accommodation Manager will analyse your needs and create a Roster of Care

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Help you prepare for your plan review

Roster of Care is submitted to NDIA for approval

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Invoice is validated

Complete documentation and agreements

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Move into your new home and receive services to live independently

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Moving out?

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St Clair Women's Home


Our home offers spacious interiors, large bedrooms, and a large outdoor area.
The home is staffed by support workers with mental health experience and includes restrictive practices.
We can provide around the clock support to women living with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities with low or high care needs.
Located in the heart of Western Sydney in St Clair, with immediate access to shopping centres, parks and recreational areas, and public transport.
Our home can accommodate 4 women residing together and building their independence.


Afea’s Oxley Park Homes


Oxley Park is a central, homely suburb located between Mount Druitt and St Marys. It is accessible by bus and near St Marys train station and shopping centre.
Our homes are made up of three recently refurbished townhouses with private backyards, flooded with natural light. One bedroom in each has an ensuite and most bedrooms have built-in robes.
All three townhouses have open plan living, dining and kitchen areas, with shared laundries tucked away for convenience.
The large two-car garages have internal access to the properties. All shared living spaces have furniture, and all townhouses have been fitted with a new fridge and TV.
This is the perfect new home for male NDIS participants that have been diagnosed with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities.

Annette SIL Home_13
SIL Interior_5
SIL Interior_4
Annette SIL Home_4
SIL Interior_1
SIL Interior_8

Why choose Afea's Supported Independent Living?



  • Make new friends
  • Share living costs
  • Live independently at home
  • Get help to achieve your goals
  • Live in safe and central location
  • Beautiful recently refurbished homes
  • Assistance from a large support office
  • Split costs of the supports you receive
  • Tailored care plan based on your needs
  • Assistance of a house manager 5 days a week
  • Assistance from the most compassionate and qualified Carers in Sydney

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Frequestly asked questions

What is the difference between services under Core Supports and SIL?

Supported Independent Living services help with daily tasks so you can live more independently at home. Core Supports may also help participants with daily tasks relating to the home, but also encompass other supports such as community access and transportation. The two services can be used in conjunction with each other

Am I eligible for SIL?

Participants are considered for SIL based on suitability rather than eligibility. You may be suitable depending on your goals and aspirations, current living situation, independent living skills, supports needed to achieve your living goals, supporting information, reports and assessments, alternative housing arrangements and what help is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for you to receive.

You will require supporting evidence from relevant health professionals that demonstrate the suitability for SIL accommodation. Once this is obtained, you will need to ask a provider such as Afea to prepare a quote which will be submitted to the NDIA. You will then need to request a plan review to have your SIL budget incorporated into your NDIS Plan.

What’s the difference between SDA and SIL?

Specialist Disability Accommodation is a contribution to the cost of accessible housing, whereas SIL is a support that allows people to receive help to live more independently at home.

Neither is a contribution to the cost of rent, as the NDIS considers this an everyday cost for all Australians. Most people that are eligible for SDA will also receive a SIL package.

How is SIL funded?

SIL funding is designed to cover the cost of wages, to allow for quality supports and to cover indirect costs. You may split the cost of services with any housemates you may have that share similar needs.

The funding amount you will be approved for will depend on the SIL quote that your provider will prepare for you based on your care needs, as well as the care needs of any other residents in your SIL home.

What is not included in a SIL quote?

SIL is for the purpose of providing assistance for daily tasks in order for participants to live independently at home and does not include: 

  • Everyday expenses 
  • Holidays
  • Care in hospital
  • Activities outside of the home, such as transport
  • SDA related costs

How should I prepare for a SIL quoting meeting?

To get ready for your meeting with an Afea Care Manager who will prepare your quote, you should consider what your needs are, what your living goals are and what help you are currently receiving. We may also ask you to provide:

  • Clinical assessments and reports
  • Behavioural assessments or plans
  • Incident reports
  • Police reports
  • Risk assessments
  • Statements from previous providers or landlords
  • Standardised assessments