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Make a difference as an Afea Carer

Afea Carers, much like our clients, come from all walks of life.

The roads that have led them to Afea are equally diverse. Some are looking for flexibility in their work hours or are seeking a way to jumpstart or return to a career in healthcare. Others come from lived experience with disability and see support work as a way to create an emotional connection with others.

One thing is certain: our Carers are making a difference in people’s lives.

Caring as personal connection

A number of our carers are semi-retirees and work part-time, enjoying the personal and emotional connections they make with our clients as Afea Carers.


"I checked out the Afea website one day and really connected with your values. My work at Afea is all about having that personal connection and making a difference. As a carer, I want to give something back to the community." - Richard

"I have a relative living with a disability and I feel a personal connection with the work that I do as a carer at Afea. I wanted to do something meaningful with my time and I like helping and talking to people. I also believe having this job is also beneficial to my mental health!" - Jungki

"It feels good to help people! I have recommended Afea for a couple of my friends to work at and even brought in a client to join Afea." - Devi

"I don’t consider it a job. It’s like visiting a friend when I’m with [the client]. And the pleasure that I get from that is not something you can pay with money." - Girlie

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Caring as a career

Some of our carers are uni students who enjoy the flexibility of being an Afea Carer. They see it as the beginning of a full-time career in aged care and disability care. In fact, we've had Afea Carers who joined our office team after years of work in the field.


"Afea has been great to me. Being a carer is meaningful work that also offers flexibility around my study schedule. Office staff are lovely. The team has always accommodated my needs and give helpful feedback on my work." - Bonnie

"I'll definitely recommend Afea to other carers...because you have the opportunity to upskill yourself... it's very diverse, we all come from different backgrounds and you get to learn a lot of things." - Rajee

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“I treat my clients the way I’d want to be treated if I were in their shoes. What I appreciate most about Afea is the sense of safety and the experienced team that’s always there to support me in any situation.”

Jennifer, Afea's 2023 Support Worker of the Year

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At Afea, we have worked hard on building a positive and nurturing company culture for our Carers and office staff. We have various career progression opportunities for Carers – and we provide support, training, mentorship and encouragement along the way!

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Become an Afea Carer

Do you want a dynamic, flexible and rewarding career supporting others? Joining the team at Afea means you will be able to make a change in people’s lives.

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