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March 29th 2022

Afea Carers come from all walks of life. Some, like Bonnie, are uni students who enjoy the flexibility of being a support worker. As a nursing student, Bonnie’s work as a carer provides valuable experience as she prepares for a career in healthcare.

“Afea has been great to me,” she tells us. “Being a carer is meaningful work that also offers flexibility around my study schedule.”

Keep reading to learn more about Bonnie!

When did you join Afea as a support worker?

I joined Afea in September of 2020 after relocating to Sydney from Coffs Harbour. 

What led you to Afea?

I reached out to an employment agency after the first COVID lockdown wanting to get back into a caring role and they recommended Afea to me. 

Do you have previous experience working with aged care/the NDIS?

Yes, I started working in aged care in 2019. I started in nursing homes and moved into community work with Afea. 

What is your proudest moment at Afea as carer?

My proudest moment as a carer would be seeing people improve their communication skills and their independence, especially in children. Seeing them reach their full potential is very rewarding. Having the privilege to be openly welcomed into people’s homes and become a part of their life is very humbling. 

What do you like most about Afea?

My favourite thing would be the flexibility. I study nursing at university and Afea allows me to pick up work when I am able to, and also allows me to press pause on my work hours to focus on my studies. I really appreciate that. 

Join Afea as a Carer

Whether you’re a student, a semi-retiree or an experienced support worker looking for flexible hours and meaningful work in a supportive environment, we have a place for you at Afea. Apply as a carer now!

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