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We employ our Carers based on skills and values to deliver the highest quality home and community care. You and your family will have ongoing support from our team of Care Coordinators and Care Managers who are only a phone call away.

Client Story: Janet and Michael

Meet Janet and Michael, who have been together since 1984.

Both living with cerebral palsy, Janet and Michael receive regular assistance from their support workers at Afea. Nothing will stop them from having fun and going on dates!

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We're Complex Care Specialists

At Afea, we have a team of Registered Nurses on staff who provide specialist support to our high care or complex care clients.

Watch our video to see how we provide these specialist supports.

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Why Afea?


With 15 years of operations, we believe there is no substitute for experience. We are committed to empowering people living with a disability and provide an average of 7,500 hours of support every single week.

Skills & Qualification
All Afea Carers undergo training to best support your needs. Unlike most other NDIS service providers, we also have a team of Registered Nurses on staff.


Range of Services
You can rely on Afea for home and community care, social support, complex care, mental health support, supported independent living (SIL), NDIS plan management, support coordination and private care.

We are a leading NDIS provider in Sydney and Melbourne, with headquarters in Parramatta CBD. We continue to expand to meet your needs!


Our carers speak 50+ languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds, mirroring the rich diversity of the communities we serve. We will match carers to you based on your support needs, culture, language and interests.

Personalised Support
With our qualified and multicultural workforce, there is sure to be an Afea Carer that is the right fit for you. Start your journey towards a better quality of life with Afea!

How do I get Home and Community Care from Afea?

Start receiving services from our qualified and loving Carers, with the help of a dedicated Care Coordinator or Care Manager who will ensure your needs are met


Step 1

Call 1300 65 11 33 and speak to the team

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Meet and greet with each client

Step 2

Have a meeting with Afea to talk about your options

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Step 3 Needs

Step 3

We will create a profile with your details so we can best understand your needs

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Help from Support Office

Step 4

You will be assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator or Care Manager

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Liaise with providers in your behalf

Step 5

Your Care Coordinator will match you with an Afea Carer based on your needs, culture and interests

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Nursing at home

Step 6

Start receiving services from our qualified Afea Carers

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How do I get NDIS funding?

Find out how to apply for NDIS funding and if you are eligible

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Stella and Hana

Frequently asked questions

What is the NDIA?

The National Disability Insurance Agency is operated by the Australian Government and is responsible for implementing the NDIS

Will I need to pay anything on top of my funding?

Unlike Home Care Packages for Aged Care, NDIS is fully funded by the Australian Government and you will not need to pay any fees from your own pocket

Is Afea an NDIS approved provider?

Yes, Afea is an approved NDIS provider of Home Care, Plan Management, Support Coordination and Supported Independent Living. To learn more about any of these services, reach out to our friendly team today

How will I know if I have enough money in my NDIS budget?

If you are Plan Managed with Afea, you can log in to the Afea Client Portal anytime, anywhere to track your spending. Check out this page to find out more about Afea’s Plan Management

Is there a limit to the amount I can be charged for NDIS services?

Yes, all approved NDIS providers are required to charge no more than the amounts laid out in the NDIS Price Guide. To see the latest NDIS Price Guide, visit the NDIS website

Can mileage costs related to my services be claimed from Core Supports?

In some circumstances, you can use your plan’s core support funding to claim costs associated with transporting you to and from NDIS funded community-based activities. In circumstances where you are being transported to a non-NDIS funded activity or destination, you may be required to make a reasonable contribution to cover the costs.



Can I receive services if I’m not approved for NDIS funding?

If you have not been approved for NDIS funding, or are in the process but need immediate services, you can pay privately. Chat to our team about your options today


Start receiving care