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Afea Plan Management - Managing your funds

Managing your funds

We will receive invoices on your behalf, verify them, claim funds from the NDIA and pay your providers, allowing you to focus on your goals.

Afea Plan Management - full visibility of your spending

Full spending visibility

You'll have access to the Afea Online Portal. Log in anytime, anywhere to have full visibility of your NDIS funds and track your spending.

Plan Management - team of experts

Team of experts

We’re not just accountants or bookkeepers, we’re NDIS experts! We know the ins and outs of the NDIS and are here for you.

Afea Plan Management - Speedy Payments

Speedy payments

We can pay your providers within 2 to 3 business days, speedier than the industry standard of 5 days.

Afea Plan Management - monthly statements

Keeping you on track

We will send monthly statements so you can see where your funds are being spent.

Plan Management - No to underutilisation

No to underutilisation

Our regular financial updates will ensure you are able to use every cent in your approved plan funding.

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Signing up with us is very easy, and you can receive support within 15 minutes. Here's our Plan Manager Logitha to tell you all about it!

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Meet Your Plan Managers

Paul's Story

I found Afea to be a lot friendlier, helpful, easy to get along with. They work with me, not against me.

Paul used to be with another plan manager but switched to Afea. With the stress of financial admin finally lifted off his shoulders, he can focus more on his NDIS goals and his many home projects, including taking care of his fruit and vegetable garden.

Watch our interview with Paul.

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Michael's Story

Before making the switch to Afea, Michael is frustrated with the slow response time of his previous Plan Manager.

“My previous provider is hard to engage,” he shares. “It’s hard to make them listen to me. I would make a call to them and I’d have to wait two weeks before hearing back."

Good thing he found Afea!

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Plan Management client story
Plan Management client feedback

Compare Your Options

Your NDIS funding can be managed in three ways, but Afea Plan Management gives you full choice and control and the ability to focus on your goals. Your other options are:

NDIA Managed

This is the default method of funds management. In this option, the NDIA will pay NDIS registered providers on your behalf.


Some people choose to manage their NDIS funds themselves. If you choose this, you or your nominee will be responsible for all the activities involved in managing your Plan’s finances.

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Price Limits

NDIS Price Limits

Price limits are the maximum prices that registered providers can charge NDIS participants for specific supports.

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Get Plan Management funding

Get Plan Management funding

You can request Plan Management funding from your NDIS Planner or during your plan reassessment.

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Stay updated

Stay updated

We have a collection of Plan Management articles to keep you updated about the latest news from the NDIS.

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Existing Client Enquiries: planmanagers@afea.com.au
Invoices: invoices@afea.com.au
Statements & Remittances: problemsolver@afea.com.au

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