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We're here to help you achieve your goals in life.

Afea's Support Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals, develop your skills and access the best services suited to your needs.

Support Coordination is part of the Capacity Building budget in your NDIS plan.

Your Support Coordinator is the link between you and the services that will help you achieve your goals and enhance your life skills.

They will assist you in organising and implementing all of the approved supports in your plan by helping you choose the best and most appropriate service providers for your needs.

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How can Afea’s Support Coordinators help me?

Your Support Coordinator can: 

  • Negotiate services with providersLiaise with providers in your behalf
  • Arrange any required assessments
  • Liaise with providers on your behalf
  • Teach you how to use the NDIS portal
  • Connect you with supports in your plan
  • Enhance your ability to manage your plan
  • Address issues that may arise on your behalf
  • Prepare for planning meetings and reviews
  • Attend planning meetings and reviews with you
  • Help you understand your plan and service agreements
  • Assist with any decision making regarding your NDIS plan
  • Reduce the stress and time spent on implementing NDIS plans

Complimentary Pre-Planning


Afea offers a free pre-planning service for participants and their families who are about to have their first NDIS planning meeting. Follow the link for more information.

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Applying for Support Coordination

Applying for support coordination

If you are requesting a plan review for the purpose of asking for Support Coordination funding, it is best to be prepared! Our team can assist you with this. Follow the link for more information.

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What other NDIS supports does Afea offer?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access funding for Support Coordination?

There are three main groups of participants who may receive assistance from a Support Coordinator:

  • Participants who have complex needs or a complex support environment
  • Participants who are experiencing a major life transition such as moving house, transition planning for ageing parents or transitioning from school
  • Participants with specific high-level risk in their lives such as behavioural challenges

Will this come out of my Core Supports budget?

If you are approved for Support Coordination, the funding will come out of the Capacity Building budget and will not take away from your Core Support or other budgets. The amount you are approved for will be determined by a planner based on your needs and circumstances

How much does Support Coordination cost?

The NDIS Price Guide lays out the maximum a Support Coordinator can charge per hour. It is important the note that a Support Coordinator will not be able to help you once the budget for this support has been exhausted. It is a good idea for your Support Coordinator to leave some hours at the end of your NDIS Plan in order to help with your plan review

How do I apply for Support Coordination funding?

You should request Support Coordination funding in your first Plan in the initial meeting with an NDIS Planner. If this is not your first NDIS Plan and you are going through a transition in life you can request an early plan review

What is the difference between Support Coordination and Plan Management?

Although both supports help to manage and implement NDIS Plans, Support Coordination is a ‘capacity building’ support which is for the purpose of helping participants design and implement services in their plan so they can live a better life. 

As your abilities to implement and manage your Plan increases, funding for Support Coordination is likely to decrease. However, a Plan Managers role is to manage and monitor Plan funding and submit claims to the NDIA on behalf of your providers, and funding will remain the same from Plan to Plan

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