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Home Care Package Eligibility

Eligibility for Home Care Packages is based on your care needs and will be determined in a face-to-face meeting between you and an assessor from the Aged Care Assessment Team

To be eligible you must be:

  • An older person (typically over 65 years of age) who needs services to remain at home, or
  • A younger person with a disability, dementia, or other needs that aren’t met through other specialist services

Your financial situation won’t affect your eligibility. However, it may change the amount you need to contribute to your package

If you only need a low level of support, you may not need a Home Care Package. Instead, you can receive self-funded care or apply for the Commonwealth Home Support Program

Frequently asked questions

What fees might I pay?

Basic daily fee

Afea Care Services does not charge the basic daily fee unless you need extra services that are not covered by your package amount. The fee is a percentage of the basic age pension

Income-tested fee

You may be required to contribute to the cost of your care depending on your income. You will have an income assessment from the DHS which will determine whether you are required to pay any fees to contribute to your government-funded subsidy

Exit fee

Some providers may charge an exit fee if you cancel the agreement to cover the costs of transitioning you to another provider

What types of services can I receive?

You can access services that will help you live independently at home, such as assistance with shopping, personal care, housekeeping and gardening. You may also receive subsidies for consumables and equipment to assist you, such as continence pads, walking aids and other types of assistive technology

Can I receive services immediately?

Yes, once you contact Afea you can start receiving services as soon as you enter a Home Care Agreement. If you do not have Home Care Package funding, you can self-fund the services you need in the interim

Can Afea help me access Home Care Package funding?

Yes, our team will guide you through the application process. Simply call us on 1300 65 11 33 or fill out this form to chat to one of our friendly experts


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