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Support for your mental health

If you are living with depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions that make daily life challenging, our Carers are here to lend a hand. Our qualified and compassionate Carers can provide mental health support, assisting you with daily activities and encouraging connections within your local community. We can support you to overcome isolation, reduce loneliness, build confidence, develop relationships, participate in activities, and connect with family, friends, community and employment.

Supports we provide

We can assist you in various ways, such as:

  • Regular mental health check-ins
  • Accessing social and community services
  • Support to continue hobbies and other interests
  • Support in the home, from household chores to self-care tasks
  • Assistance with therapy appointments
  • Development of new or existing life skills
  • Companionship
  • 24/7 Care
  • plus much more!

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Why Afea?


With 15 years of operations, we believe there is no substitute for experience. We are committed to empowering people living with a disability and provide an average of 7,500 hours of support every single week.

Skills & Qualification
All Afea Carers undergo training to best support your needs. Unlike most other NDIS service providers, we also have a team of Registered Nurses on staff.


Range of Services
You can rely on Afea for home and community care, social support, complex care, mental health support, supported independent living (SIL), NDIS plan management, support coordination and private care.

We are a leading NDIS provider in Sydney and Melbourne, with headquarters in Parramatta CBD. We continue to expand to meet your needs!


Our carers speak 50+ languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds, mirroring the rich diversity of the communities we serve. We will match carers to you based on your support needs, culture, language and interests.

Personalised Support
With our qualified and multicultural workforce, there is sure to be an Afea Carer that is the right fit for you. Start your journey towards a better quality of life with Afea!

How we help our clients with their mental health

Our former client and now Care Concierge Archna talks about how Afea Carers helped her as she battled severe anxiety and depression.

"It got to where I couldn’t even go to the local grocery store because I was too scared. My anxiety had become debilitating...I started with a few support services to help me get out and about. Just having someone to hold your hand can help show you that the world isn’t such a scary place."

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What Our Clients Say


"Afea considered not only my physical needs but my personality, my interests, my everything, so my carers matched me."

Read Stella's story


"[My carer and I] are friends. We do a lot of silly things together. She’s very nice. Everything is memorable for me when we are together."

Read Johno's story

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