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Award-winning artist Luke Abdallah was born blind. As Luke has complex needs, his journey to receiving adequate and qualified care has been long – and bumpy.

After an “abysmal” experience with other service providers with carers who were not well-trained, mum Jill and Luke found Afea.

With ongoing support, Luke is able to focus on his art. His unique art practice includes using his walking cane as a paintbrush, which he demonstrates for us in this interview!

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They’re all supportive. They’re very nice. They do the best that they can.

Joanne lives with primary lymphoedema, which causes swelling of parts of her body.

She talks to us about her love of knitting, her goals and the support she receives from her Afea Carers.

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I’m very grateful to Yaochuan for everything that she’s done for me.

Simone has had a difficult life journey. Her parents are deceased, and she has PTSD, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. But support from the NDIS and Afea saved her life.

Watch our interview to hear Simone talk about the support she receives from Afea, her love of reading and her future goals.

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I'm so glad I could stay at home and I have a carer who looks after me so well.

Barbara has been an Afea client for six years. She is, in fact, our very first Home Care Package client!

She welcomed us to her gorgeous apartment in the city to talk about her Afea care team, her daily routine, her "brain games" and her secret to a long and happy life.

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Michelle & Kristine

I like [Afea Carer] Jacqueline because she’s very outgoing and she’s easy to get along with.

Join our clients Michelle and Kristine as they talk about their life at Afea’s Supported Independent Living home in St Clair.

In this video: mermaid braids, spaghetti bolognese, a quick carer quiz ("Do you know Michelle's favourite colour?") and a lovely friendship.

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Janet & Michael

Meet Janet and Michael, who have been together since 1984!

Both living with cerebral palsy, Janet and Michael receive regular assistance from their support workers at Afea.

Cerebral palsy affects their mobility and speech, but nothing will stop them from having fun and going on dates!

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She is a very lovely carer and she knows my needs. She’s very understanding, very caring and loving, and supportive.

After her husband passed away in the mid-2000s, Radha moved from the Hunter Valley to an apartment in Liverpool. This was where she welcomed the Afea team when we visited her one afternoon.

Radha has a number of health issues, but fortunately Afea Carer Petronella is there to provide companionship and support.

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Julie wrote her experiences in a children's book manuscript, which is also the result of NDIS support.

“I had extra funding for capacity building, so I used it to enroll in a one-day course on how to write a children’s book.”

Julie says she wrote it "for my inner child”: “I had a horrific childhood, lots of trauma and abuse."

With the support of her carer and Support Coordinator from Afea, Julie is experiencing many positive changes in her life.

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Wasila & Samira

Afea adjusts the timetable to suit my needs, if I need to look after myself and the rest of my family. I know my mum is in safe hands and I don’t need to worry about anything.

One of our aged care clients, Wasila, has been with us since 2019. She presents with a variety of conditions that require focused care, among them arthritis, dementia, glaucoma and diabetes.

Her daughter Samira is grateful to have Afea’s carers by her side to take care of her mother. She knows mum is in safe hands! Free from worry, Samira can also look after her own needs.

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Afea considered not only my physical needs but my personality, my interests, my everything, so my carers matched me...They’re like my family… I just love them. I would not know what I would do without these girls.

When Stella was onboarded with Afea, we matched her up with a few of our carers. At first, she was understandably anxious about trusting her care to someone new, so her husband took a month off to help her adjust.

When we match carers to our clients, we consider many factors, including culture, language, beliefs, interests and personality. Stella believes her carers are a perfect match for her.

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[My carer and I] are friends. We do a lot of silly things together. She’s very nice. Everything is memorable for me when we are together.


When you receive services from our carers at Afea, we work with you to help you achieve these goals. Perhaps one of your goals is to work towards greater independence, which is one of the goals of our high care needs client, Johno.

We’ve been working with Johno since 2018 to help him achieve this goal while also giving him the support he needs. Keep reading to learn more about Johno’s story.

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"I'm very happy with Afea because they provide me support where I've never been given support before. Every single carer that I've had has been so nice and good to me."



"We are very happy with Afea's services, they go above and beyond to provide the support that Elias needs. We wish Afea all the best always and would recommend you to our family and friends."

Elias and Doris

“The Carers from Afea are so kind and lovely. Before you know it, they have become your family."


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"I'm happy with everything! Reva my Care Coordinator is excellent at his job and I’m very happy with my carer Thippy, who is kind and very patient with me."



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