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March 22nd 2023

Our clients feel at home with 24/7 support from Afea

“I did Kristine’s hair today because she likes it when I do a mermaid braid on her hair,” Michelle shares with us. She cheekily adds, “She likes me to do her hair better than the carers.”

Our clients Michelle and Kristine live together at Afea’s Supported Independent Living home in St Clair.  In this four-bedroom house with large bedrooms and a spacious outdoor area, the women receive 24/7 support from Afea Carers while they learn how to cook, clean and take care of themselves.

Kristine (in pink) and Michelle

Supported Independent Living is personal support for those who require significant assistance throughout the day, seven days a week. It is one of the different types of home and living supports funded by the NDIS.

This is vital support for people living with disability who may not be able to access this level of assistance from family members and other informal support networks.

Most Supported Independent Living participants live with other participants who also have SIL funding, or they move into especially designed and furnished SIL homes, like our St Clair home.

One step closer to independence

As Supported Independent Living participants will most likely be living with other people with similar needs, this is also a way for them to live an independent life while forming a bond with others.

Michelle and Kristine enjoy going on walks, hitting the shops – the SIL home is close to St Clair Shopping Centre after all – and watching movies.

They each have their own room, ensuring that they can still enjoy their privacy.

“I was the first to move in here,” Michelle says, showing us her bedroom. She shows off her Harry Potter books and the sign on her door that says, Please knock, wait for the OK before entering.

Michelle greets Jacqueline, one of the main carers at St Clair. “I like Jacqueline because she’s very outgoing and she’s easy to get along with.”

Jacqueline assists Michelle in the kitchen so they can cook spaghetti bolognese for lunch.

Afea Carer Jacqueline and Michelle preparing lunch.

“Living in a SIL house is one step closer to being independent and being able to live by themselves,” Jacqueline says. She cuts onions while Michelle seasons beef mince for the sauce. “So it’s our job to recognise what those areas are that they need help with and then work on those.”

She considers her clients as family. “I’m a grandmother, and it’s like watching my kids grow and flourish again.”

Michelle and Kristine regard each other as family as well. “I love you, sister,” Michelle says, to which Kristine replies, “I love you, too, sister.”

Afea has Supported Independent Living homes across Western Sydney! Find out where they are and our current vacancies.

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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