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Requesting Plan Management

Requests for a Plan Management budget can be made during the initial planning meeting, or at an NDIS plan reassessment. If you didn't have Plan Management in your initial plan, you can request an early plan reassessment, stating that you'd like to include it.

Unlike most other budgets, you do not need to justify why you want Plan Management, and there aren’t eligibility requirements. You simply need to ask for it during a planning meeting or review, and it will most likely be automatically approved and included in your NDIS plan.

Once you have Plan Management included in your NDIS plan, our Plan Managers can manage your funds, giving you back the time to do what you love.

Plan Management at Afea

Requesting a plan reassessment

If you disagree with a decision in your NDIS plan or have a change in circumstances, you can ask for a plan reassessment at any time. Each case is considered by the NDIA.

You may contact the NDIA to discuss how to include Plan Management in your plan.

Get in touch with us to speak to an expert about plan reassessments and getting the most out of your funding!

Provider sends invoice to Afea

Gather evidence supporting the need for a review

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Contact the NDIA to request a review

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Use registered and non-registered NDIS providers

Submit the request by emailing or calling the NDIA

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Quick check-in

Wait for the response to your request!

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Afea Plan Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get Plan Management funding?

Yes, all NDIS participants can receive funding for Plan Management. Only under exceptional circumstances will a request for Plan Management be denied

Can I use non-registered providers if I am Plan Managed?

Yes, unlike with NDIA managed funding, you can use both registered and non-registered providers, as long as the prices are not higher than those laid out in the NDIS Price Guide

What happens if I am charged more than the prices laid out in the Price Guide?

Part of the role of your Plan Manager is to ensure that all invoices are compliant with the NDIS Price Guide. If there is a discrepancy, your Plan Manager will follow up with the provider on your behalf

Are Plan Managers qualified?

Yes, NDIS Plan Managers are required to be qualified Accountants or Bookkeepers. Afea has a team of Plan Managers made up of qualified Accountants so you know your funds are in safe hands

What is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination?

Although both supports help to manage and implement NDIS Plans, Support Coordination is a ‘capacity building’ support which for the purpose of helping participants design and implement services in their plan so they can live a better life. As your abilities to implement and manage your Plan increases, funding for Support Coordination is likely to decrease.

However, a Plan Managers role is to manage and monitor Plan funding and submit claims to the NDIA on behalf of your providers, and funding will remain the same from Plan to Plan


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