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May 6th 2022

Before making the switch to Afea, Michael is frustrated with the slow response time of his previous Plan Management provider. “My previous provider is hard to engage,” he shares. “It’s hard to make them listen to me. I would make a call to them and I’d have to wait two weeks before hearing back!”

Michael is living with a physical disability and one of his goals is to return to the workforce. He needs a partner in his NDIS journey who can answer his questions and help resolve issues promptly and compassionately.

He found his answer in an unlikely place: during a random conversation in an Uber!

Keep reading to learn more about Michael and his experience switching to Afea.

When and why did you access our services?

I used to work as an Uber driver and I was driving somebody from Afea.

I wasn’t happy with the service I’m getting with my current provider but the conversation with them encouraged me to make the switch.

I have never heard of Afea before this and wasn’t even seriously looking for a new plan management firm. It was just a happy coincidence!

In what ways have we helped you?

Afea is very prompt in answering questions or if there is something that needs to be resolved. My previous provider is hard to engage. It’s hard to make them listen to me. I would make a call to them and I’d have to wait two weeks before hearing back!

With Tanvi (Afea Support Coordinator) I give her a call and she picks up and answers right away.

What are your future goals?

I hope to get back to working, to return to the workforce. I’m currently engaging services with specialists such as Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. I want to get my physical strength back up.

Afea Plan Management and Support Coordination

Our Plan Management team is your financial champion, ensuring your funding is used to its fullest potential. At Afea, you’ll have a dedicated Plan Coordinator – just one point of contact for your entire plan journey!

Afea’s Support Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals, develop your skills and access the best services suited to your needs. Reduce the stress and time spent on implementing NDIS plans with the help of our amazing Support Coordinators!

Reach out to us now via hello@afea.com.au or 1300 65 11 33!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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