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April 8th 2022

Some of our carers enjoy the flexibility of being a support worker as they finish uni or take care of family responsibilities. Others, like our Afea Carer Jungki, have retired from a successful career. Jungki also has lived experience with disability, and sees support work as a way to give back and create an emotional connection with others.

“I have a relative living with a disability and I feel a personal connection with the work that I do as a carer at Afea,” he shares.

Jungki has a degree in Civil Engineering and is a retired engineer. He now spends his retirement years playing golf, enjoying time with his family and assisting others as an Afea Carer.

“I wanted to do something meaningful with my time and I like helping and talking to people,” he adds. “I also believe having this job is also beneficial to my mental health!”

Keep reading to learn more about Jungki.


When did you first join Afea as carer?

I first joined in August 2019.

What led you to Afea?

I met the Afea team for the first time at a career expo at TAFE.

Do you have previous experience working with aged care/the NDIS?

Yes, I often spend time with my relative living with disability and I have years of experience taking care of people at aged care centres.

What is your proudest moment at Afea as carer?

I’m always happy and proud to be able to work at Afea even though I’m already retired.

What do you like most about Afea?

All of the staff members are friendly and trustworthy.

Join Team Afea

Reach out to our team and become an Afea Carer! We welcome retirees or experienced support workers looking for meaningful work. Joining the team at Afea means you will be able to make a change in people’s lives by providing assistance for the elderly and those with a disability at home and in the community.

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