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August 22nd 2022

Imagine trying to cope with a brain tumor, a stroke and a newborn – all in the middle of lockdown. That’s what happened to Marcus and Maxine. In 2020, a tumor was found in Maxine’s brain. She was also pregnant at the time. After a long hospitalisation and many stressful months, the new parents came home from hospital, requiring all the help they can get.

Marcus and Maxine are now with Afea, their trusted care provider, accessing plan management, support coordination and care services with funding from the NDIS. Maxine, who loves arts and crafts, reading books and cooking, has come a long way in her speech and mobility. With support from Afea, she’s gradually returning to the activities she loves as she continues on her journey to recovery.

We speak with Marcus about the young family’s experience with Afea. Keep reading to learn more!

Marcus shares this photo of Maxine, adding, “Max was happy to get her ears pierced the other day.”

When and why did you access our services?

My partner, Maxine, was found to have a brain tumor, so she had to be operated on. What made this situation more challenging was that she was also pregnant at the time. After the operation, unfortunately, she suffered a stroke. This was around May 2020, a very stressful time. We had to juggle Maxine’s condition and a newborn. In a strange way, the lockdown made it a little bit easier as everyone’s under lockdown anyway, so we can focus on our situation.

In 2021, we came home from hospital and we needed carers at home. I believe we heard about Afea from our rehab provider, and Afea organised carers to support Maxine.

What do you like best about our services?

It is essential for us to have support at home, and all of the carers have been amazing. All of the Plan Coordinators I have worked with have been terrific, and I have a good relationship with my Support Coordinator, Ivania. We work well together in resolving problems and getting things done.

Can you talk about your experience of receiving Plan Management, Support Coordination and Core services through Afea?

It just happened that way. It just worked for us from the start, so I saw no reason to change this arrangement. In a way, it’s easier, because everyone involved are communicating well with each other. I can see that efficiency.

What are your and Maxine’s future goals?

Certainly to continue to help Maxine be as well as she can be. The doctor says there is a great chance of recovery as she is still quite young. Maxine is improving every day.

Afea Plan Management and Support Coordination

Need support from a trusted care provider?

In addition to our compassionate care services

  • Our Plan Management team is your financial champion, ensuring your funding is used to its fullest potential. At Afea, you’ll have a dedicated Plan Coordinator – just one point of contact for your entire plan journey!
  • Afea’s Support Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals, develop your skills and access the best services suited to your needs. Reduce the stress and time spent on implementing NDIS plans with the help of our amazing Support Coordinators!

Reach out to us now via hello@afea.com.au or 1300 65 11 33!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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