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November 15th 2021

NDIS funding category: Core Supports

When receiving funding from the NDIS, they will allocate it towards certain funding categories. These categories are chosen based on your goals and you may not have all support categories funded in your plan.

Three are three NDIS funding categories.

1. Core Supports

2. Capacity Building

3. Capital Supports

Here we’re going to look at the first NDIS funding category, Core Supports. This is the funding that helps you with everyday activities and your disability-related needs.

There are four categories within Daily Supports. Of all the NDIS funding categories, the Core Supports budget is the most flexible. You can move the funding across any of your support categories depending on your needs.

1. Assistance with daily life

The Assistance with Daily Life category includes any daily help that will help you live as independently as possible. The aim is to empower you to make household decisions and help you look after yourself.

Some examples of Assistance of Daily Life funding includes:

– Personal care such as help showering or toileting.

– Help with cleaning and/or cooking.

– Help with yard maintenance.

– Help when you’re out of the house, such as in the community, at school or on holiday.

– Meals on Wheels preparation and delivery of meals.

– Respite care.

2. Consumables

The Consumables NDIS funding category helps you buy those everyday items that you might need to help you with your disability.

Some examples may include:

– Continence products.

– Home enteral nutrition.

– Shower stools.

– Low-cost assistive technology.

– Translation or interpretive services or apps.

3. Assistance with Social and Community Participation

This category can help you get out and about and engage with the community.

Some examples include:

– A support worker to help you attend an art class, educational facility or swimming lesson.

– Camps or activities that have mentoring and individual skill development.

– If you have a child on the NDIS, this could provide you with respite while your child attends a class with their support worker.

4. Transport

The transport category gives you funding to help you get to work or places that will help you achieve your goals, such as school or TAFE.

You may receive this funding upfront or in regular payments – it is different for each person.

Need help to understand your Core Supports budget? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you maximise your NDIS funding to achieve your goals.

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