Meet our Workforce Coordinator, Olcay - Afea Care Services
January 24th 2023

Before Olcay joined the office team as Workforce Coordinator, she worked as a support worker for two years, assisting our SIL residents in Oxley Park and St Clair.

She talks about her experience transitioning to a full-time role and why it’s important for her to be an advocate for support workers.

Watch our interview or read our transcript below!


Before I joined Afea and my role as Workforce Coordinator, I was a support worker. For almost two years, I was working at Oxley Park and sometimes at St Clair SIL house, but mostly it was at Oxley Park with Sri [Accommodation Manager], and we have about six clients.

So I was enjoying myself, but I wanted to get into a more challenging position. I was offered the role of Workforce Coordinator, so I joined as Workforce Coordinator since last year.

It was a big step for me because I was not really used to working in an office environment with a lot of people that you have to work with. I love working as part of the team.

I’m very fortunate to have a very good Team Leader, Rajee, supporting me, educating me and having my North team, five of the girls, it’s like I’ve become a part of the family with them.

It was a big challenge, big change but it’s more mentally stimulating for me, and I just enjoy it, being part of the office environment.

I’ve got more skills and attributes that I can give to the company and become a bit more of an advocate for our carers, our support workers. It’s my job to give something back to the carers, which I was once myself. That’s why I want to step up.

I actually look forward to the weekends where I could spend quality time with my children. I’ve got three children. This one thing in the weekend I look forward to do is gardening, looking after my plants!

I’m still learning something new every day, but with my good Team Leader, I’m actually learning quicker, adjusting to the office environment, and I feel like I will be here for a long time.

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Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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