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January 17th 2022

With Virtual Care, you can receive Afea’s compassionate support from the comfort and safety of your own home!

While we continue to provide COVID-safe in-person services, Virtual Care is a safe and convenient solution for clients who require or prefer remote support.

Many of our clients need daily disability support services, however, we understand that some may not feel comfortable to receive personal visits or meet with carers face to face. Through Virtual Care, we can continue to keep them supported and ensure they are on track to reaching their individual goals.

How our carers can support you remotely

Our carers can support you remotely through many ways!

For example, our carer Farhiya supports a client with Autism Spectrum Disorder by reading books with him online. This helps our client continue engaging with others and communicate better. Our carer Masahiro, on the other hand, provides virtual guitar tutorials!

Do you want to receive guitar lessons, practice your conversational skills or have someone keep you company as you watch a movie? There are plenty of activities you can do remotely with the support of our carers!

  • music tutorials
  • cooking lessons
  • reading together
  • playing games
  • watching movies
  • meditation sessions
  • keeping you company
  • or simply having a chat about your day!

Accessing Afea’s Virtual Care services

Our existing clients can request to pivot to remote support at any time. If you are a new client, you will first have a remote meeting with one of our Care Managers to discuss your specific needs.

Stay engaged and connected. Contact the Afea Intake Team and ask about Virtual Care today!

If you require in-person services, read about how we’re keeping you safe.

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