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February 6th 2024

Growing up with a sister with epilepsy, Cornelius believes that caring has always been a part of his life. This experience has made it easy for him to transition to his role as an Afea Carer.

“I can say I’ve been doing this for a while because of my sister,” he shares. “It’s not paid, it’s not funded, but I have always been caring for someone.”


Even finding Afea feels like fate. Cornelius was contemplating applying to Afea on Indeed when he found an Afea name tag in his new place before he moved in. It turned out to belong to his brother’s friend, who encouraged him to apply as a support worker.

“The level of support for carers at Afea is very high,” Cornelius says. “We carers feel part of the team because of how good they are, helping us and being there for us.”

Outside of work, he enjoys travelling and playing basketball with friends.

Keep reading to learn more about Cornelius!

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Cornelius and I’m currently working as a support worker at Afea.

I’m also taking a master’s in Accounting. It’s a bit tough but I am enjoying my studies. I’ve done accounting for quite a while. It’s something I like to do, and it’s easier when you’re doing something you’ve been doing before. In Kenya, where I’m from originally, I finished a degree in Economics.

I love sports. I play basketball with friends every weekend. I also play football, or soccer, as they call it here. When you say ‘football’ in Australia, it means something else!

I also like to travel. Whenever I have time, I travel. A few months ago, I was down in Brisbane to see friends. I’ve also been around New South Wales. I’ve gone to the Blue Mountains, the beaches, just to acclimatise and know the area well.

Cornelius playing basketball with friends

Do you have previous experience working in aged care or the NDIS sector?

I have a sister, I’m a bit older than her. She’s epileptic. Our family has taken care of her for as long as I remember.

Caring has always been a part of our family. That’s why it’s not hard for me to join the NDIS and aged care sector because it’s something I’ve done.

I can say I’ve been doing this for a while because of my sister. It’s not paid, it’s not funded, but I have always been caring for someone.

How did you find out about Afea? 

After I finished my certificate course, it’s time to find a job. I think I interacted with Afea on Indeed. Then I found an Afea name tag in the place where I live. Someone was living there before I moved in, my brother’s friend. So, I called the owner of the name tag, and he said, ‘Yeah, Afea’s really good, you can apply there.’

After a while, I called him again and said, ‘You’re right, I’m working there now!’

What do you like best about being a carer?

What’s really satisfying about being a carer is the people you’re helping feel satisfied, and they just smile and appreciate you for the little things you do. You’re just making it a little bit easier for them, like when they need to access the community or do other tasks.

What do you like best about Afea?

The level of support for carers at Afea is very high. Every time you call the office, they are willing to help. There’s always somebody there to pick up the call. It’s so easy to interact with them.

I know a lot of people now at Afea. I know Taylor, I know Jem, I know Aditi, I know Marjorie. Because they’re always willing to talk to you. They’re always like, ‘Hey, Cornelius, how are you today?’ They are very happy and supportive.

We carers feel part of the team because of how good they are, helping us and being there for us.

Interested in becoming a support worker in Sydney or Melbourne?

Whether you’re an experienced support worker or someone looking for meaningful work, we have a place for you at Afea. Apply as a carer now!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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