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May 23rd 2023

Night-time sleepover support is perfect for participants who may require assistance overnight. While some people may need help for only a few hours during the day, others with higher-level care needs may want someone to be available while they sleep. This way, there’s someone close by to help if a need arises during the night.

The support worker can provide assistance with, or supervision of, personal tasks of daily life, such as toileting, medication management, turning over in bed or getting a drink of water. They can also help in case of emergency.

This assistance can be provided at the participant’s home or in a supported independent living facility. It can also be provided in an ongoing basis.

Does this mean the support worker can’t sleep during a sleepover session?

The support worker can sleep when not required to provide support.

This support item has a number of conditions. According to the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits:

  • A Night-time Sleepover Support is any support to a participant delivered on a weekday, a Saturday, a Sunday or a Public Holiday that:
    • Commences before midnight and finishes after midnight the following day; andIs for a continuous period of eight (8) hours or more; and
    • The worker is allowed to sleep when they are not providing support.

How many hours of support can the participant receive during the sleepover session?

Sleepover support includes up to two hours of active supports provided to the participant for the duration of the period.

If the support was provided on weekdays and the participant required more than two hours of active supports, providers may claim for the third or additional hour at Saturday rates, which is a higher rate.

Providers may claim at applicable rates on other days (Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays).

How much does it cost?

This support item is subject to price limits as set out in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. You can look for the following item numbers, or check out Afea’s simplified price guide.

Item NumberItem Name and Notes
01_010_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Night-Time Sleepover
01_832_0115_1_1Assistance in Supported Independent Living – Night-Time Sleepover
Source: NDIS pricing arrangements

The price given in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements is the maximum that can be charged.

Please note that the NDIS does not pay for support services in advance. The participant must receive the service first before the service provider can claim payment from the participant’s NDIS funding.

Can I have the same support worker during the day?

Yes. If they provide support to you before the sleepover begins, you will be charged that provider’s regular day or evening rate for those hours, depending on the day and time the supports were provided. Have a look at Afea Care Services’ price guide.

Sleepover Support from Afea Care Services

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