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August 14th 2023

Home Care Packages are a form of care support subsidised by the Government that can help older Australians live in their own home for as long as possible. Home Care Packages are flexible and can be used to pay for a variety of services. (Learn more about Home Care Packages in our previous post.)

At Afea, your Care Manager will take your preferences, priorities and needs into account when you work with them to co-design your care plan.

As your trusted HCP provider, let us provide you a general guide of what services can be included – and not included – in your plan.

What you can include

You can talk to your Care Manager to determine if the care or service you need:

  • is directly linked to your identified care needs and goals
  • will improve your health and wellbeing
  • is necessary for you to remain living safely and independently in your home
  • can be delivered within your Home Care Package budget, and
  • would be considered an acceptable use of government funds.

Here are some examples:

  • Personal assistance with bathing, showering and personal hygiene
  • Aids to stay independent to help with mobility (e.g. wheelchairs) and communication
  • Assistance with community activities, including transport
  • Modifications to your home, such as bath rails or easy access taps
  • Help with impairments or continence
  • Meals and food preparation (excluding the cost of food)
  • Cleaning, laundry and other chores
  • Home or garden maintenance
  • Podiatry, physiotherapy and other therapies
  • Nursing services

What services are NOT included

You must not use your Home Care Package funds for:

  • Services, goods or supports that people are expected to cover out of their general income throughout their life regardless of age (e.g. rent, food not part of enteral feeding, mortgage payment, home insurance)
  • Payment of fees or charges for other types of care funded or jointly funded by the Australian Government (e.g. hearing aids available under the Hearing Services Program, continence aids if a participant in the CAPS program, prostheses, spectacles)
  • Travel or accommodation for holidays
  • Cost of entertainment activities (e.g. tickets to sporting events)
  • Gambling activities
  • Payment for services and items covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

This is a general guide only! Speak to us to find out what can be included in your care plan.

Looking for a Home Care Package provider?

We always say there is no substitute for experience. Afea has been operating for more than 15 years in the industry. Our compassionate Afea Carers will help you maintain your independence in your own home and you will have ongoing support from a dedicated care team. Contact us now and we’ll develop a care plan designed just for you.

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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