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Ts & Cs

‘Refer a friend’ Terms and conditions
By participating in our ‘Refer a friend’ program, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Person referred is in your network and need NDIS in-home and community support.
You have asked their permission and shared information about services offered by Afea.

Our offer:
$100 voucher will be issued for 1 referral
$200 worth of vouchers will be issued for 2 referrals
$500 worth of vouchers will be issued for 3 referrals

Vouchers will be issued only when:
A new client to Afea Pty Ltd is referred by a current client, a family member of a current client, or a current Afea Carer.
The referred client has completed 30 hours of services
Referred person(s) are not past or current, direct or indirect (brokerage) clients of Afea Pty Ltd

Please note:
Vouchers are only issued once and will not be issued again i.e. when you successfully refer a second friend or family member, you will receive an additional $100 voucher. Similarly, when you successfully refer a third friend or family member you will receive an additional $300 voucher.
If your account is in arrears or is not in good standing, there may be a delay in delivery of the voucher until the account is settled.

To make a referral, provide your Afea Care Coordinator or email hello@afea.com.au with a name and contact information of your friend or family member. The referred person will be required to confirm your name to be eligible for the program. Personal information will be kept in order to provide appropriate services and for marketing purposes only. Please see our full Privacy Policy here.

The offer is valid until 11.59 pm AEST 30st June 2022. Afea approval criteria applies and is subject to change.