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August 5th 2020

This month we welcomed our newest resident into our Supported Independent Living home. We marked the occasion with balloons, gifts, cake and a little get together with the client’s Support Coordinator, Afea Care Manager Raju, Afea Carer Annette, and our Supported Independent Living House Manager, Sri.

Celebrating the newest resident of The Oxley Park Supported Independent Living home

What can our newest resident expect on their supported independent journey?

Our new resident has just begun a journey of growth as they learn to live independently with the help of our staff. They have moved into one of our three recently refurbished Oxley Park townhouses. These homes have private backyards, lots of natural light and have open plan living, dining and kitchen areas.

Our main Supported Independent Living Carer, Annette, has been working in the accommodation since it opened. She sees everyone making huge strides and she’s seen big improvements in the residents’ lives.

How are our Independent Living residents supported?

Annette supports our residents in many ways. She helps them get ready in the morning and has been showing them how to cook delicious meals. She teaches the residents how to budget their money and spend wisely when they go on shopping outings (which have become a weekly highlight!)

Supported Independent Living House Manager, Sri sees the progress residents makes each day. He says: “It’s really heart-warming to see our residents’ lives transform for the better. You wouldn’t believe how far they’ve come with the right support and a stable home.”

We hope our new resident will love their supported independent life and will enjoy getting to know their Afea Carers and fellow housemates. Welcome!

Find out more about the benefits of Supported Independent Living here.

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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