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August 23rd 2022

Approved for a Home Care Package and found your dream service provider? Amazing! But what happens if you need to make changes to your services or go on a long holiday? We’ll discuss everything related to managing your Home Care Package in this post.

What to expect from your service provider

Once you’ve received your Home Care Package assignment letter and income assessment results (read our HCP guide for more info), you will meet with your chosen service provider to determine the services you want to receive.

Your service provider will then develop a care plan based on your personal needs and draw up a Home Care Agreement.

It’s your provider’s responsibility:

  • To respect your rights
  • To provide you with reliable, safe and quality services
  • To provide services that meet your needs

Your service provider should review your services at least every 12 months. This will ensure that they are meeting all of your current needs.

What if your needs change?

If your needs change, speak to your provider first to request a review of your care plan. They may be able to suggest a different combination of services more suited to your daily requirements.

However, if your needs have significantly changed, your provider may need to refer you back to My Aged Care for another assessment.

Remember that HCP has four funding levels. It’s possible that your care needs have increased beyond what your current funding can offer.

What if you want to take a break from your Home Care Package?

You can take time away from your HCP. Examples include if you’re going on a holiday or if you need to go into hospital.

Planning a long holiday? Inform your provider first so you can take time away from your HCP.

In cases like this, contact your provider and inform them of the dates you’ll be away so your services can be temporarily suspended.

The fees you need to pay will depend on the type and duration of your leave. If you’re paying an income tested fee, you will still need to pay it regardless of the reason, but this can be reduced.

Speak to your provider to find out the exact fees payable to them.

What if you need temporary support after leaving the hospital?

There is a form of short-term care called transition care that can be accessed by people receiving a Home Care Package.

If you’re assessed by My Aged Care to be eligible for transition care, your HCP can be paused until your return.

With transition care, you can be approved to receive services for up 12 weeks (84 days) as you recover from your hospital stay. Your transition care provider will assist you with leaving the hospital and exiting the short-term service.

What if you want to change providers?

You can change providers at any time, and your current provider must support you.

If you want to switch to Afea:

  1. Reactivate your referral code by calling My Aged Care.
  2. Provide your code to Afea.
  3. Inform your current provider and agree on an end date.  
  4. Enter into a new Home Care Agreement.

The start date with Afea must be on or after the end date you have agreed to with your old provider. This is to ensure there are no disruptions to your services.

However, if you want to delay your start date, remember that you only have 56 days from the end date with your current provider to enter into a new agreement. Otherwise, your HCP will be withdrawn.

Afea can manage your Home Care Package

As a leading HCP provider, Afea can manage your HCP funding! You will have ongoing support from a dedicated care team and access to compassionate and experienced carers. Contact us now and we’ll develop a care plan designed just for you!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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