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January 10th 2024

How support from Afea saved Tina’s life

Tina, who is an NDIS Melbourne participant, only has kind words for Say Say, her carer from Afea. “I became very ill, you see, and Say Say was there. I really think I owe my life to her.”

Tina originally came to Australia from The Netherlands at the age of 23. She lives with a long-standing illness, exacerbated by an accident in 1988. “I couldn’t do nursing anymore and I couldn’t do taxi-driving anymore. And then the NDIS came in and somebody said you should be on the NDIS, you might benefit from that.”

Support from the NDIS

“So I came on the NDIS as a participant. I didn’t have much, and they provided me with everything. Even a commode! I have support four hours a day, and on the weekends, I have an extra two hours because then they [support workers] can accompany me outside and take my doggie, since I can’t take my dog on walks anymore.

“The support from the NDIS has served me well.”

Lady and dog on a bed
Afea client Tina with her dog, Lady

Finding Afea

Tina uses an electric wheelchair and needs additional support with personal care, housework and other daily tasks.

She was referred to Afea by her support coordinator and decided to sign on after meeting Daniel, her Care Manager. “He’s actually quite good. I thought, I wouldn’t mind doing business with you because he was so nice and helpful, too.”

Shortly after, she met her support worker, Say Say, who fortunately was there to assist during a low moment in Tina’s life.

‘I really think I owe my life to her’

“When I got sick in the house, I got [Afea Carer] Say Say here, and she is a very good woman. I had a fall and she has helped me through the most difficult stages in my life.”

Tina shares she often has difficulty managing her medication, which means she requires diligent prompting to ensure she doesn’t overdose or skip a dosage.

“I became very ill, you see, and Say Say was there,” Tina continues. “She did everything the right way. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be here anymore. She’s been really good to me. I really think I owe my life to her.”

According to Daniel, Tina was very thankful to have Afea. “She believes her lifestyle and health has changed a lot because of our support.”

Tina’s Goals

Tina enjoys sitting on her veranda when the weather is good or going to the cinema with her support worker. (The last movie they saw was The Marvels.)

We asked Tina about her goals: “Stay in the house, not go in hospital, keep the help from Afea, and to make decisions on my own.”

Those are great goals. Thank you, Tina!

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Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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