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January 30th 2024

Imagine having a stroke and four heart attacks that reduce your heart function down to 40% – and still being able to smile.

That’s Timothy.

“We have been getting a lot of good feedback from Timothy, and also from the carers,” says his Client Coordinator, Sampada. “They say that Timothy is the sweetest guy.”

Timothy welcomed us to his home to talk about his life and his “fantastic” services from Afea.

Keep reading or watch our interview below.

Two and a half months in hospital

Disaster struck while Timothy was overseas on holiday. “I was in a place called Lethbridge, which is south of Calgary in Canada,” he shares. He was staying with a friend when he felt “wonky and lightheaded” and fell back on the bed.

They found out later that Timothy had a stroke.

Due to this medical emergency, he had to stay in hospital in Lethbridge for two and a half months before he was able to return to Australia.

The stroke came “out of nowhere”, Timothy recalls. “I’ve been to Canada before, enjoyed myself, stayed with friends. Then poof.”

‘Down to 40% of my heart’

Timothy has also suffered several heart attacks in the past. “I get out of breath. I’m down to 40% of my heart.”

Fortunately, he receives support from his Afea Carers every week.

We ask him what his carers are like.

“They are fantastic,” he replies. “I have the carers here Friday and Monday. They shower me, they dust around and vacuum the house. Any other jobs I want done, they would do.”

Support from Afea

Sampada adds, “We liaise with each other, if there’s any upcoming appointments for him and if he needs any support. We organise the carers for him. I along with my other team member, we have a Workforce Coordinator Jem, she does the rostering for Timothy as well.”

Timothy lives with his brother and his pet dog, Brandy. He shows us around his home, where he has an impressive collection of “antiques and odds and ends.”

Timothy with his dog Brandy and his brother

“I collect bears. I like Dr. Who and I’m a big ice hockey fan.” He also has artwork and movie posters on the walls.

Timothy’s Goals

In addition to his carers, Timothy also works with a physiotherapist so he can “learn to walk again”.

His future goals include helping his brother around the house a lot more, and taking Brandy for a walk.

Thank you for your time, Timothy!

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