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July 12th 2022

In addition to the changes to the NDIS pricing limits that came with the new financial year, the NDIS is also making changes to the terms it uses in relation to changing your plan.

Remember that you can request to change your plan anytime, but it would certainly help if you knew the words to use to make this request!

We discuss this further below.

Plan Reviews are now called Plan Reassessments

From 1 July 2022, plan reviews are now called plan reassessments.

Every NDIS plan comes with a reassessment date (previously called a review date), which usually falls 12 months after your plan starts.

Normally the NDIA conducts a participant check-in three months before this date. During the check-in they will ask how things are going and book a reassessment meeting with you.

You can ask for a reassessment at any time, especially if your circumstances change and your current funding doesn’t serve your goals anymore.

It’s best to attend your plan reassessment meeting prepared so you can receive the funding and supports you need. This includes thinking about what worked and what didn’t over the past 12 months, and backing up your requests with evidence, such as a report from your Occupational Therapist or other healthcare professionals.

You can also bring another person with you, such as a family member or your Support Coordinator, to give you support.

“Light touch” Plan Reviews/ Plan extension, rollover or continuation are now called Plan Variations

Generally, plan variations are minor changes to an NDIS plan that does not require a full reassessment.

Under the NDIS Act, the NDIA can only vary a plan in certain situations, such as:

  • correcting a minor or technical error
  • changing the reassessment date of your plan
  • making a minor variation in your plan to increase your funding
  • updating the name of your provider in a stated support

(See the full list of possible scenarios.)

If the NDIA varies your plan, you will receive a copy of the varied plan within seven days.

In addition, if a plan reaches its reassessment date before the reassessment is completed, the NDIA will vary the current plan to extend it by 12 months. This is to ensure you can continue accessing supports even if there is a delay in the reassessment process.

Want to know more?

If you need more information about changing your plan, visit the NDIS website or contact our team of experts:

  • Afea’s Support Coordination team can connect you with providers and help you prepare for your planning or reassessment meetings
  • Afea’s Plan Management team can handle admin tasks related to your funding so you can focus on achieving your goals
Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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