Celebrating the Festival of Lights at Afea: Happy Diwali! - Afea Care Services
November 14th 2023

Happy Diwali from all of us at Afea!

We celebrated the festival of lights with twin celebrations at our Parramatta and Liverpool community hubs.

Diwali is a Hindu festival with deep roots in India, but is widely celebrated around the world.

We shared amazing food, colourful traditional attire, free henna tattoos and lots of laughter. It’s a great honour to share this day with our carers, clients and community partners!

At Parramatta, our Founder and Executive Director, Esha Oberoi, spoke about the importance of Diwali. She led the lighting of the diyas (lamps) alongside Gaurav Oberoi (Executive Director) and Hiyantha (Sam) Kariyawasam (CEO).

At Liverpool, starting with a single candle, our clients and carers lit a diya using another’s flame. This is symbolic of how one person’s positive actions can ignite and inspire others.

“I recently conducted a training session on the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace and how it improves performance, encourages learning and personal growth, and reflects and serves the needs of our diverse populations,” says our Learning & Development Specialist, Peter Tzanis. “Afea Care Services embraces cultural celebrations, with our latest being Diwali. It’s great to work in an organisation that lives these values.”

Just as a host of candles illuminates a room brighter than a single flame, by sharing our care and compassion, Afea strives to ignite positive change in the world, creating a more vibrant and more connected community.

May you bring light to the people you love in your life and discover a lightness in your thoughts 🪔

Enjoy these fun moments from our festivities!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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