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What Does a Successful 2020 Look Like?

Another silly season has wrapped up and society is starting to get back into their normal routine. As always, there is a lot of talk around new year, new me, but what does the new year mean to you? What did 2019 mean for you? We thought we would share this reflection and goal setting […]

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Give Presence, not Presents

By Afea Care Services

We all have things. Most of us have a lot of things, way more than we need. Do we really ...

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A Year in Reflection

By Esha Oberoi

2019 marks 11 years since the inception of Afea Care Services, when our CEO, Esha Oberoi overcame her own lived ...

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Tips for Independent Living

By Afea Care Services

Moving into a new home is a huge step towards gaining independence. Having a safe and stable home provides a ...

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