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September 28th 2022

Our Home Care Package client, Elisabeth, joins the ranks of Australian centenarians! We recently marked this important life milestone with her through a special visit from her Care Manager, Astrid, and Care Coordinator, Aditi.

Incredibly, Elisabeth only received Home Care Package support when she was already in her mid-90s. “She’s a lovely, resilient and humble woman,” shares Astrid.

There are more than 6,000 people aged over 100 in Australia. When asked what tips Elisabeth can give us to live a long and fulfilling life, her daughter Lydia says Elisabeth enjoys a lot of hobbies, even in her advanced age. This includes playing on her computer!

“In the last three years, my mother has learned hardanger embroidery, which allows her to weave tapestry with these amazing patterns,” she says. “But she’s always been good with everything to do with her hands: knitting, sewing, crocheting.”

Astrid shares with us that in fact, 15 years ago, Elisabeth actually knitted the blue sweater that you can see her wearing in these photos.

Lydia adds, “She also uses the computer to play mahjong and solitaire.”

We’ll take a page from your book and continue to learn new things, Elisabeth!

Elisabeth wearing the lovely blue sweater she knitted herself, with cards from the Prime Minister, Governor-General, State Minister, her local mayor and Afea greeting her on her special day. (Personal details blurred for privacy.)
Astrid (in pink) with Elisabeth and family
Elisabeth with Aditi

We spoke with Lydia about their experience with Afea.

How did you find out about Afea?

We found Afea through one of your carers, Marilyn, who is a very good friend of mine. I know Marilyn through the church, but lost touch with her for 20 years. Six years ago, I met her again and reconnected with her. Marilyn loves Mum, and it was her who first said that she should get help at home.

Once, when my mother was in hospital, the healthcare workers there also said that she was due for a package [Home Care Package from My Aged Care]. It was Marilyn who really got us going with this process, and my mother was able to access a Home Care Package for the first time. She was already in her mid-90s by then!

In what ways have we helped you?

We’ve received beautiful services from Afea. Marilyn is also one of my mother’s carers and we get on very well. She puts her heart in her work. Astrid is also very nice and she’s good with fixing problems. The Care Manager we had before Astrid was able to help us bump up my mother’s package to a higher level.

Now we are looking into moving her up to Level 4, which is the highest level, so she can access more funding and more support.

Home Care Packages and Afea

Approved for Home Care Package funding? Our compassionate Afea Carers will help you maintain your independence in your own home and you will have ongoing support from a dedicated care team. Contact us now and we’ll develop a care plan designed just for you.

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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