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June 1st 2023

In another life, Hani could have played midfielder with the Somalian national team. When she arrived in Australia in 1996, she found a different path: “I love helping people…that’s my personality, my passion.”

As a support worker for Afea, Hani cares for clients with various needs, from children living with autism to people in their 50s who require companionship and assistance with routine tasks.

“Every client knows I’m helping them not only because it’s my job. I truly want to make their lives better.”

Keep reading to learn more about Hani.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hani, Afea Carer

My name’s Hani. I came from Somalia to Australia in 1996.

I used to play soccer in Somalia. I was a midfielder and played with professional players in my country.

However, there was no chance for me to play nationals with the Somalian team due to problems in the country. That was when everyone left. [Somalia suffered decades of conflict following the end of the Cold War in 1991.]

I do miss playing soccer. I’m still fit to play, but I’m a mum now and I work. My community actually asks me to train players, but I don’t have the time. And I love my job, I don’t want to stop.

I have two boys and a daughter, and sometimes my children and my husband and I play soccer. I’m still running around!

One of my sons play soccer at school. Maybe one day he can play for the Australian national team.

What led you to Afea?

Hani with a client

One of my best friends since I came to Australia is like a sister to me, and she worked for Afea and she said that they were great. She asked, “Why don’t you join?”

That was in 2017. I just called the office and I was told to send through my resume and so on. I went to the Chatswood office at the time – there was no Parramatta or Liverpool office yet – and had my interview. That was a Friday. By Sunday, I was already working.

What is your proudest moment at Afea as a carer?

I have beautiful clients, and I love my job.

Once, an Afea client said, “No Hani, no service.” I used to also work in childcare, but when given the choice I dropped the other job because I want to continue helping the clients I have with Afea.

I love helping people, even in my community. I always like to help, that’s my personality, my passion.

Every client knows I’m helping them not only because it’s my job. I truly want to make their lives better. I’m very happy.

Interested in becoming a support worker in Sydney or Melbourne?

If you’re looking for flexible hours and meaningful work in a supportive environment, we have a place for you at Afea. Apply as a carer now!

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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