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December 17th 2021

This International Migrants Day (18 December), we celebrate the contributions and achievements of migrants worldwide, especially our multicultural workforce and clientele! Our group of carers speak 50+ languages, mirroring the diversity of the communities we serve. Our very own CEO Esha Oberoi herself migrated from Delhi to Sydney in the early 90s, founding Afea with a mission to empower people and redefine the experiences of an aging community and of people living with disability.

Among the many Afeans helping her achieve this mission is Jack, one of our Services Managers! Originally from Qatar, Jack talks about his life in Australia and his work at Afea.

When did you first arrive in Australia?

I arrived in 2017 to pursue my Master’s degree in International Business Management.

What’s your favourite moment of being in Australia? Your most challenging moment?

Favourite moment – Being able to meet people from different backgrounds and countries and learning more about different cultures.

Challenging – I wouldn’t call it a challenge! Rather, it’s a beautiful experience that taught me that life begins outside of our comfort zones. I left my stable work in Qatar to start from zero in Australia as a student, but I was able to work my way up.

When did you join Afea and how do you like it here so far?

I joined Afea in 2020 and I enjoy being a part of the company. Through Afea, I was able to put smiles on people’s faces and make a difference in their lives. That’s what keeps me moving forward in life.

What are your future dreams in Australia?

I remember a quote that says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Being in Australia is a dream come true, and now my next move would be towards building a strong career and being able to continue the legacy of helping people in various ways, whether through my personal or professional life.

Jack presenting a certificate to one of our carers on the International Day of People with Disability.

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Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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