A Spotlight on our Intake Officer, Shareen - Afea Care Services
May 10th 2023

Meet our Intake Officer (and aspiring DJ), Shareen!

She has years of experience providing support to people in the financial and wellness industries. “The NDIS was a totally new landscape,” she shares.

While new to disability and aged care, she loves the fact that she can be of service to people through her role. “This job is so fulfilling in that respect.”

Shareen is fond of musical theatre and live musical performances. She loves “being around music all the time”, so much so that she dreams of becoming a DJ someday!

Watch our interview to learn more:


Hi, I’m Shareen.

I’m Intake Officer with Afea Care Services. I found out about Afea through a friend of mine who works here. We worked in a previous place together and she thought I’d like working at Afea and she hasn’t been wrong.

I’ve never worked in disability care and this was a new industry for me.

From a background in the financial industry as well as the wellness industry, where we helped people in different ways, I think the NDIS was a totally new landscape.

Learning about the NDIS

I think I was so surprised by so many things that were available to people with disabilities: assistive technology, respite, day programs. It’s been so exciting.

I can be of service to people, and this job is so fulfilling in that respect.

Connecting through expos

I had the opportunity to take part in a few expos and at those expos I got to make connections with key stakeholders in the industry, and it’s been extremely rewarding and fun making those connections and seeing ways we could synergistically work together.

The best thing about Afea

The best thing about working at Afea is the people, how everybody comes together to support each other, and how everybody shares information and committed to quality and continual improvement and how everyone does their work with joy.

DJ Shareen

In my spare time, I love going to watch musicals. Anything to do with music. I’m a little bit late in life to be starting this, but I’d love to be a DJ doing mixing, I just love being around music all the time.

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Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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