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April 19th 2022

Say hi to Anita, our Head of Service Delivery! Anita joined Afea in January 2022 after occupying several disability and healthcare leadership roles. Anita is an experienced authentic leader with a demonstrated history of community service. She brings decades of experience with a passion and commitment to the sector and is driven by service excellence.

Check out this video and her answers below to learn more about her.

When did you first join Afea?

January 2022

What led you to Afea?

The company’s values, mission and the Afean Way, our commitment to service delivery and ensuring that our customers’ needs are met, as well as providing an environment that is supportive, creative and fun for all of our staff.

What do you want to achieve?

I’m hoping to continue our legacy of providing supports and services that are based on authenticity, purpose, responsibility and understanding while we continue to support the people that you love.

What is your proudest moment?

Providing one of our clients a place to call home, our partnerships within the community who share our values, as well as our extensive networks.

What do you like most about Afea?

The team! We have a dedicated workforce who are committed to best practice, person-centeredness and client supports.

We have several job opportunities to support our rapid growth! Find out how to join the office team here, and how to become an Afea Carer here.

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