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June 9th 2020

Meet Aditya. More affectionately known as Adi around the office, he is one of the newest members of our Intake Team, who on-board each and every client of Afea’s. His friendliness, enthusiasm for helping others and ability to learn quickly, immediately made him a valued part of the team. Here’s a little about his journey in 5 Minutes with Adi.

“My name is Aditya and I have recently completed a degree at UNSW. It’s completion overlapped with COVID-19, which impacted every aspect of life. Cancelled travel plans, delayed graduation ceremonies and large amounts of uncertainty about my future.

Amidst all the chaos, I was fortunate enough to stumble across Afea.  My journey here has been nothing short of magical. I would love to take you on a trip down memory lane to explore how I came across the best workplace I’ve been a part of.

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, where I was a typical boy who loved his sports and jumped on every opportunity to avoid studies! My parents have always had a big influence on my life in terms of my values and work ethic. I finished high school in Delhi and moved to Pune to pursue my bachelors and then went onto work for Zomato. The true impact of this move was something I would come to realise in the future.

I arrived in January 2018 to begin my journey Down Under. With no family, friends, or a network in Australia, this was a challenge that scared me, yet, I was excited to face it. My love for travelling, meeting new people and talking helped during those initial months here.

The more of Australia I discovered, the more I fell in love with it. A feeling of gratitude took over and I was thankful to be where I was. Australia is the perfect place for someone like me with a passion for sports and travel. I knew during my 2 years at university that I would love to give back to the country I now call home in any way I can.

Fast forward to February 2020, fresh out of university, I was keen to start my career and use my skill set to its maximum potential. That’s when I came across Afea.

Right after my first phone interview, I knew there was something special about Afea. The interaction was extremely warm, comfortable and I felt heard. Things progressed forward and I was lucky enough to be invited to their wonderful office for further interactions. The moment I entered there was a positive vibe that hit me. I am a big believer in energies and frequencies between people and environments, and Afea was a workplace that had an X factor to it. The people, the office, the warmth – everything caught my eye and stuck with me.

Afea gave me a chance to be a part of a family. That’s exactly what we are – the amazing interactions, constant support and backing from the entire group is phenomenal. We push each other to learn and grow each day and to take pride in the way we operate internally and externally.

From a fast-paced tech-selling environment in India to the Disability Sector in Australia, the change was a drastic one which I was apprehensive to face. The industry, providers, all stakeholders, all ‘Afeans’ welcomed me with open arms. The interactions I’ve had over the past few months have been some of the best of my life. The people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard are some of the most precious memories that I will hold very close to me.

The culture created by our CEO, Esha, is commendable. An environment of understanding, respect, and support.  One thing that really stood out in those early days, is Afea’s genuine desire to help the community. I saw teams go above and beyond their duties to help individuals, and the passion everyone has for what they do is contagious. I too, thankfully, caught the bug. 

I strongly believe that there is nothing more important than one’s family and to see the direct positive impact the work we do at Afea on the families we help is heart-warming and it keeps us going.

My love and passion for Afea and the healthcare industry has grown consistently, and I owe it all the wonderful people I’ve met, and the conversations I’ve had. I can confidently say that the people in this industry is what makes it stand out from all others.

The last few months have been surreal. I look forward to the times to come with Afea and the beautiful journey that lies ahead…”

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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