Afea employs over 400 of the best Carers in Sydney who provide loving home care to the elderly and those with a disability daily. Our Office Team constantly receives praise for our Carers who truly make a difference in the lives they touch. Why do Afea Carers do such a good job? Because they love what they do!

Here are just some of the reasons our Carers love what they do:

Making a Difference

No matter what the service is or how much help Afea Carers are providing, they are making a difference. They are assisting our clients with tasks they’re not able to do on their own. It might be the difference between staying at home all day and getting out and about in the community. Or in Charlie’s case, it meant seeing his father, who he hadn’t seen in years because neither were able to travel the difference between Kiama and Sydney on their own: “It was great to see my old-man. (Carer) Raffi is 10/10 and got me to Kiama quickly and carefully.”

Personally Rewarding

Afea Carers go home each and every day knowing that they have personally positively impacted the lives of their clients. It is easy to take for granted the simple things we do in our everyday lives without the assistance of others. Often Afea Cares are affected just as much as our clients and are given a whole new appreciation for life by learning from their clients. As Afea Carer Girlie says “What I love about (client) Paula is her positive nature. With all the issues she’s having, she can still look at things like it’s a beautiful world.”

Forming Strong Bonds

Afea Carers are invited into the homes of our clients for often very personal reasons. Therefore, the relationship is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Because of this, in some cases, the bond between client and Carer can be stronger than between friends or family. As Girlie puts it “I don’t consider my clients my clients, I consider them as part of my family.” To ensure that the relationship has its best chance, Afea matches clients with Carers based on values, culture, language and interests.

Flexibility and Variety

Being a Carer is perfect for people who don’t want the rigidity that comes with working during business hours. Some Afea Carers elect to work during the day because their children go to school, others want to work as many hours as they can or on weekends. Because there are so many people receiving care, we can create rosters that cater for both Carers’ and clients’ needs. Some Carers work with a number of clients over the weeks so every day offers something different.

Training and Opportunities

Afea hosts regular training sessions for our Carers to gain qualifications. This allows them to work more hours and with clients with higher needs, whilst experiencing personal development. There are also opportunities for career advancements within Afea for those interested in becoming a part of the Office Team.


Afea Carers are an extraordinary group of people who are passionate about improving the lives of their clients each and every day. In our internal survey, two thirds of Afea Carers listed “company values & helping others” as the main reason they continue to do what they do. Job satisfaction is at a high, with an employer NPS of 55.9 (8.6/10 rating).


NB: Privacy is of the utmost importance to us, therefore some names in this article may have been changed.

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