Afea’s professional consultants will meet with you to discuss how best to facilitate your injury care requirements.

Whether you’ve been in a accident, injured your back playing sport, or wake up in the morning with mysterious neck pain, injuries and activity-related conditions can be annoying and often debilitating.

Using the best care and treatment relative to your injury, Afea can remove the worries, providing everything you need to start your healing and recovery.

Afea offers a dedicated network of expert carers able to treat a range of spine, muscular or sport’s related conditions for adolescents, adults and seniors.

Our integrated care team combines the services of sports medicine, interventional spine and physical medicine specialists into one comprehensive program to ensure you regain your quality of life as quickly as possible.

Afea’s certified specialist carers are able to support you at every step of the healing and recovery process.

At Afea, we utilise the knowledge, teamwork and experience of our carers to help you get back to your best. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients in reaching their goals. Let us build a program to suit your specific injury care requirements. One that includes combining the latest medication with targeted rehabilitation, so you can see the results fast.

We bring joy, smiles and laughter

What our clients are saying

After injuring my leg in an accident, I called Afea to organise support at home whilst mending. Their coordinators were very friendly and understanding of my needs. They sent an amazing carer to tidy the house, do the laundry and even do the shopping. Afea made things better and life much easier during times when I almost gave up.

Greg Trey, Injury support

I cannot thank Afea enough for providing me with such a helpful carer whilst my broken arms were healing. Lisa did almost everything for me. From cooking, cleaning and assisting with personal care, to taking my kids to school and driving me to my appointments. Organising support and assistance through Afea’s office was a breeze and the consultants were extremely helpful.

Paul Moran, Injury support