At Afea we’re able to offer a wide range of specialised disability services for both children and adults.

If you are having difficulty expressing yourself, our speech pathologist can help overcome language or communication disabilities. Our physical therapist can educate on how to manage movement for quick rehabilitation from an injury or disability, teaching the use of aids, hoists and lifters if necessary. Our aim is to assist you in living the lifestyle you choose.

Our passionate and dedicated care workers come from a range of different backgrounds and specialisations. We can offer bilingual support and culturally specific services tailored to your particular situation.

Our kids with special needs are matched with professionally trained carers who strive to see them develop and grow.

We work passionately to ensure you live life to the fullest – no matter what circumstances you are in.

We encourage our children with special needs to gain independence through developmental exercises. We can implement customised programs to achieve the best outcomes for their ongoing development. Your child will experience the benefit of specialised recreational and leisure activities organised by a warm and understanding Afea care worker.

We empower people to live
the life they choose

What our clients are saying

My son has severe autism. I’m very grateful to have consistent and reliable staff on hand to care for him. When Liz is with my son, I don’t need to worry about anything else. She takes him on outings and involves him in fun activities. Since Liz has been assisting us, my son has improved both at home and in the way he interacts with other kids and people.

The Office Staff at Afea are very attentive to our needs and always ready and willing to listen to our requests.

Peter Newman, Disability services

As I settle back in to my home in Victoria, I feel the need to write and inform you of my absolute pleasure in having Rose and Karolyne look after my needs during a recent stay in Sydney. They were very helpful, adaptable and more importantly, good with direction. Due to logistical reasons, I spent more time with Karolyne. I found her to be a lovely, vibrant and well natured person, with an ability to quickly adapt to routine.

Thank you for providing this service. I will be keeping your details for future visits and will certainly recommend Afea to those who ask.

Debbie Gray, Disability services