Your plan review is an opportunity to reflect on the progress you’ve made with your goals, the supports you are currently receiving, and what you want out of your funding moving forward. The review will determine what type, and the amount of funding you’ll receive in your next plan, so it’s important to be prepared when the time comes. Here are our handy tips for getting the most out of your plan review.

Keep track of your plan end date

Knowing the end date of your plan is important so you can start preparing for your review. It will give you time to talk to your provider about your review and to request your progress notes off them. You can now start to reflect on the year that has passed, and what you want out of your next plan.

Give yourself time to think

Go into your meeting with an idea of what worked in your plan, what didn’t work, how you’re tracking with your goals, and what supports you need moving forward. Ask yourself questions like “have my goals changed?”, “what do I want to try next year?” and “have my circumstances changed?”. This will give you and your planner a good understanding of what funds you might need moving forward.

Things to discuss in your review

This is your chance to give feedback based on the last 12 months of your funding. You have done all of this preparation, so don’t be shy. Be honest and open and your planner will work with you to get the most out of the next 12-24 months. Make sure you let them know if your circumstances have changed, as this may need to be reflected in your new plan.

What to take to your review

  • It is best to be as prepared as possible during your meeting, so try to have the following with you:
  • Your previous NDIS plan
  • Any information you have received from your provider, such as progress reports and the services you are currently receiving
  • Your decision maker if you have one
  • Any family member or friend you would like to be there for support

Need an early review?

If your circumstances have changed in a way that may affect the supports you need, you can request an early review. Read more and access the change of circumstances form on the NDIS website here.

If you would like help getting prepared for your plan review give us a call on 1300 65 11 33.

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