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February 10th 2022

Dikshya is one of our experienced Registered Nurses who has worked in the public, private and community sectors. She first joined Afea in 2021 as a Care Manager and has now transitioned to a new role as our Community Nurse & Trainer!

Certain care supports for some of our clients can only be carried out by qualified workers. With the depth of her knowledge, Dikshya helps our carers upskill so they can provide safe and high-quality supports to clients requiring complex care.

(What is complex care, you ask? Read our post.)

Keep reading to learn more about Dikshya and her new role at Afea!

When did you first join Afea and in what role?   

I joined Afea in June 2021 as a Care Manager and Registered Nurse.

What led you to Afea?                                        

The moment I heard about this role, I was thrilled to get the chance to learn something new and utilise the nursing skills that I have. I just knew that this was a great organisation to help myself grow both personally and professionally. 

What do you do in your new role as Afea’s Community Nurse and Trainer? 

I train support workers both on-site or virtually on medication management, manual handling, PEG feeding and pressure area care for complex care clients. The carers and I liaise with the services team and help our clients achieve their desired goals. I can be flexible for clients and train carers whenever I’m needed. I never stopped doing it even during the lockdown in this pandemic!

As Afea’s Community Nurse and Trainer, what are you hoping to achieve in the future?

To maximise the numbers of carers and help achieve as many trainings as possible. Regular training helps carers build their confidence to provide support for clients with needs at any level of complexity.  

Afea Carers undergoing catheter care training

What’s your favourite thing about the company?

Since Day 1, I am astounded with Afea’s great teamwork and healthy and extremely welcoming work environment. I appreciate the positive and constructive feedback from the team that I work with. 

What is your proudest moment at Afea?            

I feel immensely proud to share the nursing skills that I have and empower others with my expertise. 

I am able to help train the carers, regularly or during times when they are in urgent need of nursing support.

Complex Care at Afea

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Afea Care Services are experts in providing complex care support. Get in touch to find out more!

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