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August 31st 2022

How a Home Care Package client received crucial support at home

When his son and his family moved out of Australia, Kandiah “aged really quickly”, according to his granddaughter, Pragaa. Kandiah used to drive his grandsons to school every day, but their departure disrupted his daily routine. He was also facing a host of health problems, including an ulcer on his leg and a heart condition. It became clear that Kandiah needed more help at home.

As Kandiah’s legal carer, Pragaa spoke with a number of care providers, “but everyone I have spoken to at Afea has been so friendly, so accommodating.” With Afea’s help, Kandiah now has regular assistance at home, an amazing support worker who goes above and beyond his duties and a dedicated Care Manager that Pragaa considers a true blessing.

Pragaa is also excited to share that her grandmother, Kandiah’s wife, has also been approved for Home Care Package funding and is on her way to becoming an Afea client. How’s that for a stamp of approval?

We interview Pragaa about their experience. Keep reading to learn more!

Kandiah (right) and his wife, Pushparani

When and why did you access our services?

My grandfather, Kandiah, needed extra help with regards to his personal care and daily activities. We’ve been with Afea for a year now.

I saw a decline in my grandfather’s health when his son, my uncle, moved overseas with his family. My uncle had to move for work, so that’s through no fault of his own, but the move did affect my grandfather. Before they moved, my grandfather would drive my cousins to school every day, so that was part of his daily routine. When they left, all of that stopped. He aged really quickly.

“Extremely happy” with Afea services

He currently has a leg ulcer from diabetes complications, and he also underwent surgery for his heart last year, so he’s just dealing with a lot of health problems at the moment. I’m his legal carer, but I also have work and other commitments. When he was approved for a Home Care Package under My Aged Care, we were thankful to receive that extra support.

I did speak to a lot of people, a lot of doctors and providers, but everyone I have spoken to at Afea has been so friendly, so accommodating. We just think with Afea, my grandfather will receive better care. And we are extremely happy with your services.

In what ways have we helped you?

His carer, Suwit, is amazing. He goes above and beyond. He comes over twice a week to tend to my grandfather’s ulcer, but he is so quick and efficient. Suwit would rather help than sit down idly, so sometimes he would even assist us around the house for simple tasks.

“Blessed to have Astrid” as Care Manager

I always tell my grandmother that we are so blessed to have Astrid as our Care Manager! At Afea, you problem-solve effectively and the communication is so strong. Astrid can just get things done. I can email or call her, night or day, and she would just respond right away.

Our amazing Care Manager, Astrid

There was a time when my grandfather’s leg ulcer was not healing properly. I messaged at 10pm and Astrid responded within two minutes. She even got a community nurse to come over and get my grandfather’s wound dressing done for him. We are just so grateful.

What are your/Kandiah’s future goals?

Your team is amazing, so we’ll just continue with my grandfather’s care plan. He’s been approved for a Level 3 HCP, which is good as it means more funding and his support can be extended.

My grandmother has also been approved for HCP, so she will be an Afea client as well!

Home Care Packages and Afea

Approved for Home Care Package funding? Our compassionate Afea Carers will help you maintain your independence in your own home and you will have ongoing support from a dedicated care team. Contact us now and we’ll develop a care plan designed just for you.

Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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