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March 25th 2022

Happy Harmony Week!

This week (21-27 March) is a celebration of Australia’s diverse cultures. Did you know that nearly half (49%) of all Australians were either born overseas or had at least one parent who was born overseas? How lucky we are to be living in a vibrant, colourful, multicultural continent! 

At Afea, where our carers speak more than 50 languages and serve multicultural families, we live and breathe diversity. We believe everyone – regardless of language, culture or ability – deserves respect, safety and a sense of belonging. 

The team shared a Friday potluck lunch and enjoyed an impressive spread as Afeans brought their favourite dish or snack from their culture!

We’re in shades of orange as the colour represents the week’s celebrations. Orange also signifies social communication, meaningful conversations and mutual respect, which we treasure at Afea.

Such a great way to celebrate everyone coming back together and showing that Everyone Belongs.

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Afea Care Services
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