The program has allowed for over 40 Afea Carers to be upskilled this year already!

Afea understands the importance of effective industry training, and its benefits for both our Carers and our clients. We want our Carers to be able to meet the needs of all of our clients, as well as enhancing their own personal growth. That’s why this year alone, we have provided paid training to over 40 Carers in the following courses:

  • Catheter Care
  • Manual Handling
  • Bowel Management
  • Medication Policy and Practice

Now that the National Disability Insurance Scheme has finished rolling out in NSW, there are more people accessing care than ever before. According to the latest NDIS quarterly report, the number of participants on the NDIS in NSW is 104,854, with approximately 3,000 being on-boarded in the last quarter alone1. However, providers are seeing a gap between the number of participants, and the pool of Carers (support workers) in the workforce.

According to the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission Study Report, it is estimated that 1 in 5 jobs that become available within the next few years will need to be in disability in order to meet NDIS and aged care demand2. Contributing factors to the gap in the workforce include NDIS pricing not allowing for paid learning and development, lack of interest from workers due to inexperience, physical injuries from lack of training and sharing Carers with competition.

As an employer, we understand how important training and development is both to our employees and the community of clients we support. This is why we have created our monthly Care Training Program, which sees our Carers getting paid to gain industry relevant qualifications.

What else is Afea doing to hire and retain more Carers?

Afea knows that people don’t only work for money. In fact, in a recent survey of our 400+ Carers, we know that they appreciate the assistance from our Support Office, our values, helping others and training all more that remuneration.

So how is Afea able to stabilise our workforce in this industry?

We hire qualified Carers

Our new Carers are required to have minimum qualifications of Certificate III in Individual Support, or one year’s industry experience. This ensures that not only are our Carers passionate about what they do, but they bring knowledge with them from their hands-on experience, preventing a lot of accidents and misconceptions those new to the industry can bring with them. Many other providers don’t require any prior experience or qualifications, which can lead to poor service and low morale as expectations are different from reality.

We host regular bonding activities

Afea offers all employees monthly mindfulness sessions that help us take a step back from our busy lives and give us some mental space. Our regular team building activities at our catch-ups, where we recognise star performers and get to know one another, allow us to have fun together and let our hair down. A recent activity saw us parading through Chatswood as a part of an Amazing Race style competition.

Rewards and Recognition Programs

Carers are the heart of our business, and we love recognising when they go above and beyond in their roles. That’s why on top of surprising our Carers with vouchers and small tokens of our appreciation on an ad hoc basis, we’ve created a R&R Program in order to formalise the rewards our Carers receive. Our Carers are also rewarded for bringing their friends over to Afea, which creates a rich culture embedded in trust for one another as we all work together to help the community.


Because of all of the activities and programs we offer, Afea boasts an employer NPS of 55.9 (8.6/10 rating).


1 Access the full NSW Performance Report form the NDIS here:

2 See the Australian Government Productivity Commission Study Report:

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  • Avatar Ann Pianoff says:


    I am a former carer who has rejoined the AFEA team and would like to know where I could benefit from some free training in order to improve my skills. I have been working as a carer since May 2017 but do not have any formal certificate. Would you be able to provide me with some so that I can be more competent?

    Thank you!

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