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Home Care Packages

My Aged Care can help you access support in your home and daily life to help you manage better at home and improve your wellbeing.

There are four levels of home care packages as structured below. Each level of home care package provides a different subsidy amount.

Basic care needs /// Yearly subsidy amount of approximately $8,000

Low-level care needs /// Yearly subsidy amount of approximately $14,500

Intermediate care needs /// Yearly subsidy amount of approximately $32,500

High level care needs /// Yearly subsidy amount of approximately $49,500

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Home Care Packages
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End-to-end home care
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Afea has redefined the care experience by providing an integrated approach to delivering care.
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Client Intake Officer

OurClient Intake Officers listen to your requirements and determine how we can help, before introducing you to our dedicated Care Team.

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Care Manager

Our Care Managers personally meet all our clients. They are experts at identifying the perfect level of care required to achieve your goals.

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Care Co-ordinators

Our Care Co-ordinators find carers that match your interests and best suit your needs, before arranging an in-home visit and introduction.

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Care Professionals

Our Care Professionals are among the best! Knowing they have the full support of the Afea Care Team, they can provide true peace of mind.

We encourage fairness and rights

As an independent care provider, Afea is committed to providing services in line with your choice, encouraging independence and ensuring you achieve your personal aspirations from the support you are receiving.

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