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Aged Care Assessments

Comprehensive assessments are provided by a local assessor from an Aged Care Assessment Team.

If you have been referred for a comprehensive assessment, you will be contacted to arrange a time to visit you at home and talk to you about your current situation.

When the assessment takes place it is useful to be prepared with:

  • your Medicare number
  • a copy of any referrals from your doctor
  • any information provided to you that you may want to discuss with the assessor
  • your GP or other health professional contact details
  • information on any current support you receive.

An Assessor will arrange a home visit. The assessor will have a copy of your client screening that you had with the My Aged Care Contact Centre.

The assessor may ask questions about:

  • what support you already have and if that will continue
  • your health and lifestyle and any health concerns
  • how you are going with completing daily tasks and activities around the home
  • if you have problems with your memory
  • any issues relating to home and personal safety
  • family and community engagement
  • speaking to your GP or other health professionals.

The assessor will make a decision your eligibility to receive care and the level of care that meets your needs.

If you are eligible for services, your approval for services will be set out in an approval letter.

In some areas there may be a waiting period between the assessment and the approval, and the time you start receiving services for home care.

Afea carers can help with…

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Medication Assistance
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Keeping Active
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Shopping & Meal Prep
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Light Housekeeping
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Personal Care & Hygiene
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Dementia & Alzheimer’s
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24-hour Care
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Quick Check-in
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Social & Community Access
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Palliative Care

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