We live in a society where there is such an appeal to horse racing that days like Melbourne Cup are ‘celebrated’ in the same way as a public holiday.

We will spend thousands of dollars on designer outfits, alcohol, and millions of dollars gambling on the outcome of races…but other than money, what is this costing us?

There are 13,000 racehorses exiting the racing industry every year… And most of them don’t even reach the race track for the big day.  Now unless you don’t watch TV, don’t read the newspaper and don’t have any social interactions, you will have heard about the Melbourne Cup deaths over the past years that have been labeled ‘accidents’ and ‘rarely occur’, but here are the facts;

One racehorse dies less than every 2.6 days in Australia. 137 racehorses have died in the space of a year. They most commonly suffer catastrophic limb injuries, cardiac arrests and massive bleeds causing them to collapse and die.


This year, it was Regal Monarch.

Enough is enough, Afea Care Services will not be celebrating Melbourne Cup again as we believe in Empowering others and that includes all living beings. As humans, we have the gift of thinking and we must apply our thoughts towards a greater vision for all life on earth.

We cannot be supporting something that ended the life of an innocent animal. At Afea, we stand for meaning and purpose, understanding and responsibility towards our actions and the impact they have in the broader scheme of life.

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A Greater Vision For All Life On Earth.

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