A Year in Reflection - Afea Care Services
December 11th 2019

2019 marks 11 years since the inception of Afea Care Services, when our CEO, Esha Oberoi overcame her own lived experiences of depression through helping others. We celebrated by getting together and enjoying some beautiful food, Bollywood dancing and recognition of star achievers. This year was one of our biggest yet in terms of growth, so before we bid farewell to 2019, we want to reflect on the last 12 months and how far we’ve come since the beginning. 

When Esha was 24, she had experienced a number of destabilising events which left her with a sense of hopelessness and low self-worth. It was at this time that she got a job in a nursing home and realised that helping others was also helping her own mental health. She related to some of the residents who were feeling a sense of isolation and realised that many of these people did not in fact need to be in a facility at all. That’s when she found purpose in life. She wanted to ensure that no one would feel lonely or forgotten, and that’s how Afea was born.

As a sole trader, she would be running the business and at the same time having to complete services as the demand for her care quickly grew, and nearly outgrew her resources. In 11 years Afea has grown from a sole trader to an employer of over 500 of the most passionate people in Sydney. 50 dedicated office staff and 450 of the best Carers in the industry.

It wasn’t easy though. The 2016 industry reforms meant that the business had to be completely cannibalised and a new model of direct care was introduced. Thanks to our good reputation and newly built, stronger systems and processes, we survived when many providers didn’t.

2019 has been a huge year of growth for us, we assisted more than 300 new families  which means we now assist over 750 families weekly in the community through both NDIS and Home Care Package services. Our Vision is to be the Most Trusted Care Provider, and we are honoured to see more people entrust us with looking after their loved ones than ever.

As we welcome more clients to the Afea family, we must of course grow our workforce to meet needs. This year we are proud to have hired nearly 300 more qualified Carers and welcomed them to the Afea tribe. They have already made some wonderful connections with the clients they are helping with day-to-day activities. It is not always an easy thing to invite a stranger into the home, but our clients have welcomed our Carers with open arms and, in many cases, have incorporated them into the family.

Our team in the office hit a milestone when we recently hired our 50th tribesperson! We know with sensitive living situations, people want personalised service, and not to have to explain their situation every time they call. Because of this we offer a dedicated Care Coordinator to each client. As a result, we have added to every team and promoted a number of team leaders to take on the responsibility of looking after their function to ensure we continue to offer the best service.

Congratulations to Aanchal our People and Culture Team Leader, Tanvi our Care Manager Team Leader, Maria our Alliances and Partnerships and Intake Team Leader, and Glayjo our second Care Coordination Team Leader! It has been a heart-warming experience to watch these passion-driven employees be rewarded for their hard work and go on to successfully add value and meaning to their teams and Afea as a whole.

Our biggest achievement this year is the approval of a number of new services. We are so excited to able to help more people in the community in different ways. After 11 years of providing trusted, loving Home and Community Care, we now also offer Support Coordination, Plan Management and Supported Independent Living. With a team of Afeans looking after each to ensure we maintain the high level of service that we are known for across all supports.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our Carers, Clients, Partners and Office Staff for allowing us to promote positive health and meaningful connections within the community.

The team at Afea would like to wish you and your family a love filled holiday and a happy new year!

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