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March 29th 2023

Did you know we have a resident beauty queen at Afea? Talk about beauty, brains, passion and compassion! Meet our Workforce Coordinator, Ginnie.

While Ginnie has won numerous titles in beauty pageants, her true passion is supporting people. From a career in IT in India, she came to Australia and found meaningful work helping older Australians and people living with disabilities.

Keep reading to know more, or watch our interview below:

Tell us about your background. Why did you choose to work in this industry?

I was very close to my grandmom and when she fell sick, I was still very young and could not help her much during her sickness. Since then, I had the zeal of helping people and supporting them with their needs.

Though I worked in IT for a long time back in India, when I came to Australia I really wanted to try something new.

As they say “Australia is a land of opportunities”, so I wanted to try my luck in different industries. I started in employment services, where I helped people with disabilities find work. It was definitely a challenging role as it required a lot of patience and hard work to deal with vulnerable clients.

Then I got an opportunity to work with Afea, and since then there is no looking back.

How did you find out about Afea? Why did you choose to join Afea?

As I live in Parramatta, I used to see Afea’s office many times while driving to other places. Its prime location was a reason too behind my interest of checking what the company is about.

I still remember when I actually walked to the Afea office and saw all the photos outside and was so impressed with the work that company does. I went back home, Googled all information about the company and checked out the openings. That’s how I met Ali [Ali Jamleoui, Afea HR Business Partner] and the rest is a beautiful journey.

I could not choose any other company over Afea. I am so proud to be an Afean.

What do you do as Workforce Coordinator?

My main responsibility is to cover all services for clients assigned to me.

As we have high care clients too, we cannot leave the clients unattended even for a minute. I always make sure that for all services, I have assigned carers.

Rostering as per client’s requests, care plans, and requirements, managing calls and emails in a timely and effective manner, conducting monthly welfare checks for Carers, regularly informing Carers of opportunities to work across other services to increase their engagement and utilisation, keeping records and maintaining up to date information of clients and carers in the internal database, are part of my responsibilities (but not limited to these).

What is your proudest moment so far at Afea?

Even though I was not from the same background, I would still consider that my strongest proud moment was when I took complete training while sitting at home as it was a complete lockdown due to COVID.

After I got fully trained, I started taking care of aged care clients. I was the only one in entire company who was rostering carers for aged care clients at the time. I had made an amazing relationship with these clients, and they used to look only for Ginnie, for any of their requirements. I will always remember this phase.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I have done a few beauty pageants and won titles Most Popular, Best Smile and Face of Sydney at Miss India International.

What is the best place you ever travelled to?

I have travelled to California, Thailand, Singapore, and few more places but the best place for me is Bali. Its small but a very beautiful place. The Pandava Beach is amazing and has an amazing night life, too. 

For anyone wanting to join the company as Workforce Coordinator, do you have any tips?

Just be smart, quick and have a positive attitude and mindset. Rest everything else will be sorted.

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Afea Care Services
Afea Care Services

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