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June 5th 2020

There are certain people in the world that have a lasting impact on you, no matter if you meet them for five minutes or have known them for five years. Our very own Anju is one of those people.

It is rare to see her without a smile, she is never upset or angry, and always keeps her cool. Even when she was stuck in a lift near the office, fighting off a panic attack due to a mild case of claustrophobia, she was still laughing her head off whilst on loudspeaker with her teammates, who were helplessly waiting for the fire fighters to arrive.

Anju is the office mum. Metaphorically because of her caring nature, but also very literally. She is the mother of our CEO, Esha. When Esha first started the business over 12 years ago on her own, her mother was there every day.

At first bringing lunch because she knew her daughter wasn’t allowing herself enough time away from work to eat it. Then as they got busier she started answering phones. Skip ahead over a decade and Anj is still here, everyday supporting her daughter, Afea’s clients and all of her colleagues.

Anj doesn’t need to continue to work. She comes in every day because she loves it. She loves her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, all of whom she gets to see most days in the office, she loves her work family, and she truly cares about the clients she’s supporting every day.

This month we celebrated a milestone birthday of Anj’s in the office. We surprised her with a high tea while some of her family from overseas joined virtually.

Happy birthday Anju, Afea wouldn’t be where it is today without your commitment, positivity and propensity to go above and beyond.

We love you!

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