Genuine, compassionate, nurturing and experienced. Our Family of Carers are an inspiring mix of people with one thing in common, their passion for helping others. At Afea we know the importance families put on finding the right Carer, but do you know what they actually do? We delve in to see what a typical day looks like for an Afea Carer.

The amount of time a Carer visit takes is dependent on the type of care and funding needed for your loved ones. Most Carers start each morning being briefed on any significant events they need to be aware of, this is important to ensure that no problems escalate. Morning can start with preparing meals, helping with personal hygiene and any other typical morning routines your family member has. During the day it’s necessary to have all hands-on deck to prepare your loved ones and plan their day. This is the opportunity to discuss and set up the schedule for trips outside of the home, like trip to the park, bowling, movies or evening assisting with medical appointments.

Afea Carers are here to empower people, as a Carer, they are always striving to make a real difference in the community, giving your family the support and empowerment they need to live their best life.

As the day continues many of our Carers with help to complete the usual household tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning and assistance with medication. Our Afea Carers always encourage your family members to get involved in these tasks to help them feel included and build their sense of independence.

Our Carers make use of the Afea App in order to make post-service notes and reports so they can keep track of progress made and any changes in day-to-day living. At Afea, communication is key for any Carer-family relationship as we aim to be a part of the family unit and become someone you can rely on and trust. It’s a time to set goals for your family and their needs while highlighting important moments from the day.

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