We understand how daunting it may be to have someone enter your family’s environment. That’s why we place importance on matching the right carers with the right families. You want to ensure your loved ones are in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow their independence each and every day. You also want an open, positive relationship with your carer and care provider.

  • Communication is key to any relationship, so first you must let your carer know how you wish to communicate and agree on creating a plan that will best suit your family’s needs. Carers must be recognised, respected, valued and supported for the essential service they provide. Aim to collaborate with your carer with regards to sharing information about your family’s needs or illness. Our carers are there to create an environment where every party feels listened to and respected.
  • No matter the amount of care needed, a carer must always endeavour to assist those they are caring for, so they can enjoy social and community interactions without relying solely on you as a family. Our aim is to empower others to lead an independent life.
  • A carer’s role is also to assist with daily tasks and help to improve a person’s ability to do so themselves. Carers help with personal care, such as showering, dressing and eating as well as domestic duties like preparing meals and cleaning. Carers also provide major support in palliative care to alleviate pressure and provide comfort.
  • Your carer can provide respite services to give you and your family a break. If you spend a lot of your time looking after a loved one and find yourself in need of a break, why not take advantage of our respite services and give yourself some time out? 
  • All carer’s must be appropriately trained, experience is key in providing effective care for your loved ones. All Afea carers have a current police check, a First Aid Certificate and have completed either formal education or have experience before being hired so you can rest assured you’re in save hands. 

A carer should be able to cover number of needs for your family socially, physically and emotionally, if your current carer isn’t doing so, visit us online at https://afea.com.au/services/